It’s not that bad, honestly. I listened to this for a little over two minutes with no problems. No problems at all until the very end when I didn’t want to listen to it anymore and then turned it off. CAN YOU DO BETTER? (Via BoingBoing.)

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  1. is it normal to get turned on listening to this?

  2. I could probably do all ten hours, but I might need to pause it and take a few breathers.

  3. I can listen to Darth Vader breathing for ten hours for ten hours. Because that’s how time works.

  4. I think a more interesting challenge would be how long someone could stand listening to 10 hours of Emperor Palpatine smacking his lips.

  5. This seems a bit forced.

  6. Is this Topher Grace’s idea of how to fix Star Wars?

  7. So, so glad I decided against dropping acid today.

  8. This scene actually made it into the newest 3D reboot. George Lucas charges by the minute now.

  9. Given how loudly I snore, I bet my wife could crush at least 8 hours of this without breaking a sweat.

  10. i find it quite soothing actually. but I had to stop around the 5 minute mark because my breathing synched up with his and I started to feel light headed.

  11. Honestly, I feel like this should be marketed as a sleep machine. It’s much easier to doze off to this than some nature sounds.

  12. Ten hours of Darth Vader breathing is still better than Episodes I-III.

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