• The cover of this week’s Entertainment Weekly is Game of Thrones themed, and says that the next season “will be sexier, bloodier, more epic — and not ‘just for nerds anymore’!” Great news for non-nerds! Tell any non-nerds you might know, just kidding I know none of us know anyone like that! -Pajiba
  • This is a video of a young Jon Stewart interviewing a young Quentin Tarantino on a young MTV. Just as we watch this, I’m sure that in the future our children will watch videos of the young cast of I Just Want My Pants Back, who are all destined for future megasuccess. -Uproxx
  • Speaking of people destined for future megasuccess, a toddler in a tiara is getting her own reality show! And it looks terrible, and very sad! Maybe let’s give every baby their own reality show until all the babies are ruined and the Earth is destroyed? -Vulture
  • Here are some “bizarre YouTube remakes” of Saturday Night Live sketches. Remember when YouTube didn’t exist? What a terrible time that must have been. -WarmingGlow
  • Community is coming back to TV tonight. Are you going to watch it? JK, I know you’re going to watch it. Then we can talk about it tomorrow! To get you excited, here’s an article about why Britta is the most problematic character! -Slate
  • Apparently Clint Eastwood’s wife manages a boy band? And that’s what the upcoming reality show about her and her kids is about? Her managing that band? Or something? Sounds great. -FilmDrunk
  • Some people base jumped out of a window of a restaurant and I am so mad at them, I can’t believe they would scare the rest of the people at that restaurant like that! What a bunch of jerks! They could’ve given somebody a heart attack! -TheDailyWhat
  • Anderson Fox and MIA had a brief Twitter fight. WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON? -Dlisted
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  1. OK. This line is amazing:
    “There are three things you do never do to a chola. You never touch her hair, you never change the oldies station on her car radio and you never roll your eyes at her.”

  2. I remember watching that Jon Stewart show clip live when I was in 10th Grade and digging Quentin’s Red sportscoat/jeans and black t-shirt combo. I bought something similar and wore it to a high school dance and thinking I was hot shit, but pictures from that night proved that I looked frighteningly like Seinfeld.

  3. I want to know what song they’re all karaoke-ing to! Judging by the girls and Jon Snow I’d say maybe Journey or Bon Jovi, but Tyrion looks like he’s singing the national anthem and Jamie fell asleep?

  4. If we’re all airing our Anderson Cooper grievances from the past, I have some complaints about the first season of The Mole that I’d like to address.

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