Time can take its toll on any relationship. One day you’re eating lunch with your sweetheart and you notice that they hold their fork a little funny and you think, Aw, look at that. They don’t even know how to hold their fork right, look at how cute that is. “I love the way you don’t know how to hold a fork correctly,” you might say to them at some point, when you’re listing things you like about them late at night. “I don’t hold a fork correctly?” they may say in response, only solidifying your affection for that little imperfection — they’re so cute and dumb that they don’t even know that they’re holding their fork wrong. Super cute. You love them so much. Until you’ve been married for 30 years and for the past 27 you haven’t even been able to LOOK at them when they’re holding their god damn fork because, like, what the fuck? Why don’t they know how to hold a fork? How did you agree to marry such an idiot? Why didn’t you listen to your friends? And why do they keep laughing all the time? Is it because they had hip surgery and for some reason, once they woke up from the surgery, they just couldn’t stop laughing at everything? Is that it? And now you can’t even have a conversation with them because they think everything is funny somehow? And even though it sounds whimsical and funny, it’s actually VERY SAD?

Clearly laugher is NOT the best medicine, when it comes to fixing hips! Right! THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT FOLKS, I’M HERE ALL FOREVER! (Via TheDailyWhat)

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  1. if this was my grandpa, I would always be sure to take him to Lars Von Trier movies on opening night.

  2. I’d keep saying, “Like a Bosse,” and he’d laugh at that joke every time.

  3. i’m not sure what country this is from, but there is a good chance his name is Gregarious.

  4. This guy is a dead ringer for Martin Landau.

  5. Videogum geändert in Videoguhm so nach und nach habe ich kaum bemerkt.

  6. I think the headline should be: “Woman pissed after husband admits to having an affair with Ernie of Sesame Street fame.”

    • Also, anything could really be going on here and the subtitle guy on YouTube wanted to mess with us. They should have put: “Man can’t stop laughing after killing wife’s family.” A lot more dramatic tension there. Take note, The Walking Dead.

  7. Helpful translation:

    wife–Before the operation we were both equally disgruntled and ornery. Now look at this idiot. How am I supposed to deal with that? Will someone please get him to stop! What does he have to be so darn cheery about? I mean, look at me!!!


    • Yup. Through the whole video, while I realized the laughing thing might be unpleasant to live with, I was also thinking that at least he’s got an excuse!

  8. He must be watching a marathon of Tyler Perry shows on TBS.

  9. No one’s talking about the fact that the Dutch are profiling a same-sex couple in such a normal light!

  10. Has anyone made a joke about the hip bone being connected to the funny bone? No? probably because that joke isn’t very good.

  11. He’s actually not laughing. That’s just the sound he’s making in protest of his dentures, which are just a set of those novelty wind-up chattering teeth he mistook his dentures for.

  12. It’s interesting that he says he doesn’t feel any different. Like, he’s gotta realize that he’s doing it, right? Presumably he didn’t laugh hysterically at every goddamn thing that happened before the surgery. I wonder if the anesthesia gave him some kind of brain damage that caused his “funny” receptors to misfire all the time or something.

    Reminds me of the old story about Phineas Gage, whose personality reportedly changed after having his brain impaled with a railroad spike. Too bad the videographer didn’t do a better job of actually investigating the cause or the guy’s feelings about it.

  13. Maybe his wife is just really funny. What a lucky guy to have such a funny wife.

  14. Whoa! I just got to the end of the video…. Stop playing the music! You’re making the laughing man sad!

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