A child at NASA made a video about the moon on his Nintendo DS Lite. It’s pretty interesting! Good job, little buddy!

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  1. Bill O’Reilly is furiously working on his “Creation Of The Moon” counterpoint video.

  2. I bet this was made on a soundstage.

  3. i thought this was going to be cuter

  4. A kid made this with their Nintendo and I can’t even get to the last castle in Zelda 2? The Republicans are right, college is bullshit.

  5. Very cool if the moon were older than 6,000 years. Which it is not. – Everyone at Creationism Museum

  6. I can’t find where it says this was made by a kid or that it was made on a Nintendo DS Lite. It’s not on the youtube page or on any of the links in the the video description.

    • It looks to me like many of the other videos NASA and in this case Goddard Space Flight Center make. Maybe I’m missing the joke; that happens sometimes.

  7. That’s no moon…

  8. this is Stanley Kubrick’s worst film

    • (just kidding. Eyes Wide Shut is worse)

      • It’s a shame Kubrick didn’t live long enough to finish his cut of the film. Apparently it needed about 20 more minutes of footage trimmed out. The sound and music weren’t even done yet when he passed away. It may have still been his weakest film, but we’ll never truly know. It is Kubrick’s film, but I’ve always been wary of it, counting it as a slightly tainted mulligan of a film after Warner Bros. and Cruise & Co. took control to get it out in theaters.

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