Hey lady, wake up! It’s Thursday! I know that we would all love to go back to sleep now, just for a few more hours, probably until about 1PM if we had our way, to be honest, but we can’t do that! There are things that need to be done! And then I promise you that after we do all of those things, all of the tiny little nightmares that make up our waking hours, we will be able to go back to sleep tonight. Maybe we’ll even go to sleep early? That’s certainly possible! We’ll see, baby! But right now you just gotta wake up! BABY! (Via SayOMG.)

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  1. Why doesn’t she just have the baby make some coffee?

  2. It is really astounding how much this baby has in common with drunkenbobbytables.

  3. It looks like that babby has a little eye shadow on.

  4. hey, i’ve got a great idea! maybe videogum should post more baby videos!

  5. Every baby will have its day and mine will be in front of a jury,
    I’m the High Chair Sleeper and I’m never in a hurry.

  6. This is me at my desk every afternoon at 2.

  7. Omg put that poor baby in her crib!

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