Well, we weren’t, like, already already planning on buying a Titanic DVD signed by Leonardo DiCaprio impersonator Frank Roberts (and a 13-Day ocean voyage with a tour of the Titanic), but I mean, it’s definitely a really good deal? And I bet if we were out and we saw this for full price we would probably think about getting it anyway. It’s hard to tell in situations like this if you’re just getting manipulated into thinking you want something because it seems like you’re “saving money,” but in reality you’re just spending money that you would have otherwise saved, but I REALLY don’t think that’s the case here. How many chances to you get to have a DVD — ANY DVD, let alone THE DVD — signed by Leonard DiCaprio impersonator Frank Rober–wait, what? It’s sold out? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (Thanks for the tip, Lindsay/FilmDrunk!)

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  1. Eh, I’ll wait for the 3-D edition.

  2. It’s sold out. It’s OK. My heart will groupon.

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    • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! This is worse than that time I missed out on the signed copy of Apollo 18 the movie by Buzz Aldrin impersonator, Tom Hanks, plus two tickets to the moon for $14 million dollars on Groupon!

  4. On a related note, for $75 I’ll let you guys draw me while I wear a big-ass necklace and nothing else.

  5. Kelly, this one hasn’t sold out yet, if you are looking to fill a hole in your summer schedule:

  6. “It must be pretty easy to impersonate Leonardo DiCaprio when all you have to do is sign his name on a DVD. That’s almost the laziest attempt at impersonation ever. Also, you might not have noticed, but this is Leonardo DiCaprio typing this message.” -A Very Good Leonardo DiCaprio impersonator

  7. tomorrow’s deal : $15,000 trip to the Newt Gingrich Space Station at Northeast Mare Nubium, Moon, USA

  8. I thought reading about all those horses that died on the set of Luck would be the saddest story of the day. I was wrong.

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