When someone pees their pants on stage, we will be there to report it. Haha. “Report it.” It’s crazy what good journalists we are. We really iPound the e-pavement and leave no BuzzFeed reblog unturned 2 get tha SCOOP! From BuzzFeed:

It is very smooth after Marie Osmond pees her pants on stage when she tries to WIPE IT AWAY WITH HER HAND as if she fell asleep during math class and woke up to a spot of drool on her desk. I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t do that and THEN announce to everyone that you peed your pants. Like, either do it or don’t do it (although don’t do it, because it turns out that the only thing grosser than peeing your pants on stage is WIPING IT UP WITH YOUR SLEEVE LIKE SOME SNOT-NOSED CHILD) but if you do it and then you tell everyone what you’re doing then they still know you peed your pants but now you also have pee all over your hand and arm?! Yuck. Also, why does she wipe up the pee with Donny Osmond’s blazer? That’s not very nice. She’s the one who peed herself on stage and then tried to hide it by smearing it all over with her BARE HANDS. Why does his blazer have to get ruined? ANSWER THE QUESTION, MRS. BUZZFEED, I’M A REPORTER IN SEARCH OF THE REAL STORY! Pulitzer.

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  1. I’m glad the Videogum Public Urination Promise is a thing now.

  2. I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but I know I love it so…—Hugh Jackman

  3. I prefer Hugh Jackman’s How to meet a Ur-a-peein’

  4. “i tried to help her…”

  5. And then she touches her face with the same hand!!!! Marie Osmond, don’t be so gross! Just clean it up with your pants, they already have pee on them from when you peed your pants, just moments ago!

  6. Mapee Osmond

  7. This made me want to wash my own hands.

  8. I’m a little bit laugh/pee – Marie Osmond
    I’m a little bit grossed – Donny Osmond and the rest of us.

  9. Good pee video.

  10. She puts the pee in P-U.

  11. Oh, it happened on “The Donny and Marie Cruisin’ With Friends Bahamas Cruise.”

    Like she’s the first person to wet herself on a cruise ship!

  12. I think this puts her firmly in the “little bit rock ‘n roll” category.

  13. I only hope I handle my inevitable public accidental urination with the same panache.

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