This baby would like to thank his parents — even though they haven’t mastered the horizontal iPhone shot, they’ve always been there for this baby and, of course it goes without saying, this baby won’t be here with out them today. This baby would also like to thank its manager, as well as Meryl Streep, who has always been such an inspiration, and also God and the academy, and also the iPhone app developer who developed the gun noise app. And also baby food and diapers in general. Thank you, have a lovely night! (Via SayOMG.)

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  1. In homes with iPhones with gun apps, the mock homicide of a household member is almost 3 times more likely to occur than in homes without iPhones with gun apps

  2. Your move, Notsewfast.

  3. Too bad that wasn’t Carl.

  4. And that was the tale of the infamous outlaw, Baby the Kid.

  5. Yes, perfect length for a youtube video.

  6. He’s got playing dead down. Next step in self defense is curling into a ball.

  7. In a country where babies actually do get shot, should we really be glorifying videos pretending to shoot babies? Shouldn’t we be focusing on something more important, like a Kardashian?

  8. The Assassination of Cute Baby by the Coward His Parents

  9. He’s working the Nick Nolte angle with that hair.

  10. ha ha, man, that kid is going to be SO SCARED of random people shooting him in the chest when he gets older!

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