• Will Ferrell and Nick Offerman were on the fourth hour of the Today show today, and they had bloody marys, and it looked kind of perfect. Love those guys. -Buzzfeed
  • Oh no! Bear Grylls was fired from the Discovery Channel due to contractual disputes, and his show isn’t going to be on anymore! Your favorite guy! I can’t believe that show was even sill on the air, I totally forgot about that show! How are you ever going to stay alive in the wild now?! -ONTD
  • Comedian, musician, and everyman Dave Hill has a new book coming out called Tasteful Nudes, and here is a video to promote that book. WATCH IT! It’s great. He’s the best. -FunnyOrDie
  • Wait, I don’t watch The Walking Dead, but apparently there was some sort of Office Space homage in the last episode? Or something? YOU GUYS, why didn’t you tell me there was an Office Space homage?! You know I love Office Space! -Uproxx
  • Braveheart is going to be a TV show, finally, after what seems like decades of fans beating down Hollywood’s door DEMANDING it. -FilmDrunk
  • Here’s a video of a hockey player freaking out, which only seems relevant to me because it is a hockey player from the Scranton/Wikes-Barre Penguins, MY TEAM, but maybe you’d like to see it because of how silly it looks? -TheDailyWhat
  • Want to hear about how Gerard Butler maybe did it with someone who was married? But, more importantly, want to see a funny picture of Gerard Butler? Great. -Dlisted
  • Seth MacFarlane says his remake of The Flintstones will be similar in tone to The Simpsons of the mid-1990s. Hahah. Great. Can’t wait, Seth MacFarlane. -NME
  • And, finally, here is “7 Minutes in Heaven” with Fred Armisen. Great! -RatsOff!
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  1. It seems like the most terrible people in the world write for Dlisted. Why does Videogum post links to such a crude, vulgar and mean-spirited site?

  2. 1) god i love hockey

    2) i guess bear grylls didn’t bring enough water with him into the meeting?

    3) god i love hockey

    4) are we sure Seth McFarlane said “it will be like the simpsons in the 90s” and not just, “It’ll be like that show with the yellow people from the 1990s” and the Flintstones is just one long flashback of a yellow fred flinstone choking Dino while pebbles plays some hollowed out horn that sounds like a saxophone?

  3. Nick Offerman looks adorable!

  4. In other news, Will Ferrell and Nick Offerman are out promoting a turd.

  5. Many years ago I was doing promotions for a beer company, and one of the things we did was dress up as hockey goalies and go to a Scranton-Wilkes Barre penguins game, then go out to the ice between periods and throw t shirts at people. I have never been to a place that is that crazy about a minor league hockey team before! It was kind of great. Everyone was really nice, and referred to us, collectively, as “youse.” In conclusion, the other goalie must have besmirched the good people of Scranton to cause him to go that crazy.

  6. Clearing up the Braveheart issue, this resident Scot says – do not be fooled by the article. It’s going to be a historical series on the real William Wallace. Who was real! Probably it will be semi-historical, since it’s on STV (not a great channel) but at least that will make it at least a full half more historical than the film.

    It also has more of an interesting political element that is seeping into TV programming. Namely the independence referendum coming in two years. The BBC for example keeps putting up shows with ‘British’ this or that in the title. STV pops this crowd-pleaser figure in his own series.

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