When you’re younger, your interests revolve around rock concerts and keg parties and cruising around all night with your friends in your mom’s car. You’ll drive by a group of older people with their shoes and their credit card receipts and you’re just like, pfffffft! What a bunch of lame corpses who just haven’t realized that they’re dead yet. You’ll never be like that, you say to your friend, who is smoking a cigarette out the window so that your mom’s car doesn’t smell like cigarettes in the morning even though it doesn’t really matter because your mom’s car is definitely going to smell like cigarettes in the morning. “We’re going to keep being young and having fun in exactly the same way forever,” you shout into the night wind. What you little brats never realized at the time, of course, is that older people don’t enjoy different things simply because they forgot how cool the things you like are. Dinner parties and weekend get-aways aren’t appealing to older people because they just can’t find parking to the LMFAO concert. The interests and leisure activities of older people appeal to them in the same way that the interests and leisure activities of younger people appeal to them. This is what they want to do now, not what they’re forced to do just because they’re so old and lame. They no longer want to stand in spilled beer for hours, and also having more than seven dollars in one’s wallet at any one time can be nice. It turns out that grilled cheese from a late night diner is not the ONLY food in the world! All of this is just to say that The Wine Maven is a show for us adults. She taps into what WE like, wine and chartered catamarans. She totally gets US.

The show gets especially FUN around the 2:30 mark, but watch the whole thing or else you’ll never know whether or not the bathrooms on Captain Mike’s giant catamaran are “awesome”.

Great show. So mature. The Ice Storm. (Thanks for the tip, werttrew.)

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  1. The very first concern that lady addressed was the bathroom sitch! Amazing.

  2. Need Walking Dead recap now……

  3. Holy crow, ladies, settle down! There’s enough Cap’n Mike for all of us, I’m sure.

  4. Oh! Another very serious and not at all comedic cooking program is Posh Nosh which gave me such immortal lines as “It is pure and well-balanced. Like a nun on a tightrope.”


    There are like 8 or 9 episodes! You should watch them, they are very enjoyable!

  5. I have a crazy ocean storm in my pants from watching this video.

  6. B did the hat thing butter:

  7. There is, sadly, no way to know whether Captain Mike was turning red from blushing at the bikini chef, from holding back an impossible rage, or from being poisoned by the wine maven.

  8. “We make an effort to keep them functional and clean.” = your new all-time favorite pick-up line.

  9. This was me throughout the entire video.

  10. Neat time machine. I’ve been trying to figure out what Catherine Calhoun is going to be like in 10 years.

  11. “It can handle big ocean waves, can’t it?”

    “It sure can.”

    Tone it down, you two!

  12. Wonderful! I hope this goes viral and these people end up on the Today show because ol’ Matt Lauer would have a field day with this crew.

  13. that lady’s sinister maniacal laugh and bossing the captain around makes me think he was being held captive

  14. I went out with young people last night, instead of drinking wine alone in te dark — like an adult. It was awful. Don’t try new things, you guys. Just don’t.

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