Can you believe that Chace Crawford, Gossip Girl‘s Nate Archibald, is currently single? I KNOW. Who would have thought such a normal looking and seeming guy, a guy as normal looking and seeming as a tiny little porcelain doll brought to life by an evil witch, could have gone this long without finding the perfect woman. Life is crazy sometimes. And just as crazy as life (very good wording) is how Chace Crawford is still single, EVEN THOUGH you guys have the same idea of the perfect date! From Big Pond News:

The ‘Gossip Girl’ actor is currently single and thinks his perfect date to woo a girl would be dinner and then an evening watching his favourite band.

He told Closer magazine: ‘I can’t find The One. I’m a massive fan of the Black Eyed Peas, so going to one of their gigs with a girl and then dinner would be perfect.’

What the heck??? Where have you been all of each others’ lives! Crazy to think how you’re both out there, wanding around this silly globe, each looking for The One, when your The One is staring right back at you each week when you watch Gossip Girl. “If only I can find a man to take me to a BEP gig before dinner — but no, that man does not exist. We all have to settle at some point, and I’ll just have to settle for less,” you’re thinking. How foolish you are sometimes! I hope you take this as inspiration and drive to never give up on getting exactly what you want. Get it, girl!

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  1. Maybe he just hasn’t found the right GUY!

  2. One question: If I accept his date offer, is it appropriate for me to show up fashionably 2000-late?

  3. I was on board until I saw that he wants to see the concert, and THEN have dinner. Who do I look like, Fancypants McPartiesallnight? Some people have to work the next morning! (Its me. I am that person who has to work the next morning.)

    • He did it that way on purpose. He’s trying to set the mood for the concert by getting retarded.

    • I don’t think there’s any way to confirm it, but maybe BEP concerts start mid-afternoon. It’s the kind of edgy that only the BEP know (the kind of edgy that appeals to soccer moms).

  4. Chace, I’m flattered, but the answer is still no.

  5. I found him!

    Wait, he said THE One? I thought we were looking for That One. Back to the old drawing board I go!

  6. Wait, the Black Eyed Peas are a band now?

  7. I want to go wanding around! My first spell would be to transport Chace and I to the nearest Black Eyed Peas concert and then maybe I would conjure up some dinner and then we’d talk about Gossip Girl. Perfect date!

  8. “Why can’t you just find a nice Gossip Girl to settle down with?” – Chance Crawford’s mom

  9. But Black-Eyed Peas for on indefinite hiatus, Chase Crawford, which is why we’ll both remain forever alone.

  10. A dinner date with Chace Crawford AND a Black Eyed Peas concert? Well, then let me slip into something more comfortable, preferably a noose.

  11. Are you sure he wasn’t speaking in character as Nate? Because that’s basically his whole storyline right now and the reason why he started stalking that cater-waiter until she finally agreed to date him, but then found out she was secretly both Serena’s sister and her cousin.

  12. While I can’t endorse the Black Eyed Peas, I can endorse concerts as a great date idea. It provides a good couple hours where you don’t have to talk to the other person, especially if you time your beer runs properly. And by doing dinner afterward, you can make sure you’re good and drunk by that point.

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