What, you think dogs didn’t party back when they were your age? Puh-leeze, kid. Dogs partied harder than you ever could. But they also took responsibility for their actions, and that is why you are grounded until next week. Go back to sleep! Happy Monday! (Via Abroath.)


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  1. And here I was thinking they just sat around playing poker all day.

  2. Did you see that bitch I wound up with last night? Woof

  3. I have never wanted to live in a video more in my entire life.

  4. That little dog chef making the cake was cute, until you realize that the cake he was making was made of cats!.

  5. Everyone at my desk must think I’m still stoned from too many pot brownies this weekend because I LLOL’d (literally LOL’d) at my desk watching this. I so want to watch this forever.

  6. I’m confused, it says Dog “Party” but none of these pups are Disco Dancing. Someone explain?

  7. little known fact: this is the highly sought after deleted ending of “Freaks”

  8. I’d be the dog trying to sleep, but who gets woken up and hazily wanders out of her bedroom to be all squinty and sour-faced and mutter, “Dude could you guys keep it down? I have to work in the morning.” Meanwhile, all the other dogs keep dancing and baking like they don’t even CARE that someone has to be up early.

  9. Can’t wait for the Ben Stiller-vehicle remake of this.

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