Have you ever tried to use wifi offered on a bus? I know it sounds like it would work like a dream, but I’ll tell you what — it does not work like a dream! That shit is terrible! Pardon my language! I don’t even know why they offer it, to be honest. Because if they didn’t offer it no one would have ever had the idea that they could watch Saturday Night Live on Hulu on their ride back home, only to be extra excited when there was an outlet next to their seat, only to be even MORE excited when the wifi worked perfectly when the bus was stationary, only to be so much more angry than necessary when it cut out right when the bus started moving, after this person only got to see the incredibly bad Rush Limbaugh cold open. Holy moly that cold open was bad! They could have done anything with the Rush Limbaugh story, and THAT’S what they did?! A list of funny fake sponsors? It didn’t even have anything to say! Ugh, that was terrible. If only I could have told that person on the bus that most of the rest of the episode, aside from the monologue part of the monologue which was also terrible, was going to be pretty good! She probably wouldn’t have felt a lot better about her situation, just kidding! The bus was also uncomfortably warm!

Oh my goodness, I love the Jewish six-year-old sketch. That was so great last time, and it was so great this time! Very funny, very cute, very good, I have nothing to say other than that I love it. And also he maybe said that he was six years old a few too many times, but that’s the only complaint! Everything else is the best! This sketch for president!

And oh my goodness, the Brutus sketch! That was great too! Not a completely original idea I don’t think, not that I can point to any specific examples but just because it seemed like something I had seen before, if anyone knows that I am right in any way feel free to prove it, but certainly a very good take on it. That ape knew lots of words!

“Weekend Update” overall was very strong this week, I thought. Even though Kristen Wiig’s Paula Deen didn’t sound very Paula Deen-y and didn’t really have a lot real things to say about how she is probably racist, I did enjoy it!

There were rumors last week that Tina Fey was supposed to appear in Lindsay Lohan’s SNL episode, but cancelled at the last minute because she or her kids were sick or something. So I guess that’s what the Andy Samberg/Sarah Palin was kind of about? In any case, it was very good! My favorite part is when he blinks instead of winks!

The character of Stefon has, unfortunately, become kind of tired and not as exciting to see. Which, like I said already, is very unfortunate. Because Stefon is the best. With that being said, though, this Stefon segment was still enjoyable! Even though we all know Bill Hader is going to start laughing at the end! Because what he was laughing at was genuinely very funny! Good jobs everybody!

And, finally, really just the jokes in “Weekend Update” were even good this week. That never happens! Like the lactose intolerant joke, and the “Science…?” joke. Good jokes!

To talk about some things that I didn’t particularly like, the Digital Short was very bad this week. What’s going on with the Digital Shorts lately? Why are they all so bad all the time? Those are supposed to be the good things that we all look forward to and like! What’s the deal! I never really like the J-Pop sketches. I didn’t think this week’s was too bad, but also I didn’t think it was too good. Soooooooooo. I liked the lamp sketch because I do love things that are just silly, but the way Kristen Wiig just played every other wacky Kristen Wiig character kind of put me off of it a bit. There was also the “I’ll C U When U Get There” sketch, which is not available online, which I appreciated but only kind of liked. And that’s our shoooooooow!

Also The Shins played! That was disappointing, right? Didn’t their music used to have some LIFE in it? Some charm? Didn’t it used to be at least somewhat memorable? What’s up, James Mercer? TOO OLD?

SNL won’t be back until April 7, with host Sofia Vergara and musical guest One Direction. (??)

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  1. What kind of person am I that when Jonah Hill got skinny, I was extremely jealous and now that he’s getting fat again, I sit back in my chair and twiddle my fingers in malicious glee?

  2. Did anyone else notice…

  3. I thought this episode was fine! I actually liked a lot of what was happening in the cold open (Taran Killam’s Rush Limbaugh lard voice? C’mon!) other than the fact that it was 45 seconds to a minute too long, not that that isn’t the problem with literally every cold open, which says more to the fact that the time built in for cold opens is TOO LONG. Also the rest of it was okay and easy enough to watch but not so great that I feel the need to rewatch any of it.

    On a scale of Lindsay Lohan to Maya Rudolph, I’d say this one earned a solid Daniel Radcliffe.

  4. He’s the new Oprah.

  5. Who played Brutus in that sketch? I couldn’t quite figure it out.

  6. Was that the first time Taran Killam did the “Live from New York” thing? He looked pretty excited. Jonah Hill and Kristen Wiig seemed like BFFs. Cute. Not blown away by this episode though.

  7. I was really looking forward to seeing a comedic actor host SNL this week, but you guys, I was very disappointed! I really couldn’t get into the groove this week. Jonah Hill was bringing me down in every sketch for some reason. I watched it with a friend (jealous?) and we were both like “nnnnope oh well”.

  8. It’s not often I can say that an SNL musical guest changed my life, you guys.

  9. The six year old Jewish kid Jonah Hill sketch was the best. Wiping tears away kind of laughing from that one. “I’m only this many.” lolololol!

  10. Kelly, have you listened to the studio recording of “simple song”? Because it’s one of the most rockingest shins songs ever, at least in terms of guitar. I really enjoy it. Also, quite possibly one of the best music videos ever.

    SNL performances never seem very fun for any of the musical guests.

  11. I wasn’t really feeling it either..

    First off, great job James Mercer, really worth firing your ENTIRE band of charismatic, yet occasionally domestically violent, dudes for. Nothing like some wooden guy on 400 keyboards as a replacement. A+, noone could tell, completely seamless.
    Props for getting in on the St. Vincent action though (lady shredders of the world unite).

    Second off all, wasn’t everyone cracking up and breaking all the time this episode?! Kristen almost couldn’t keep it together as Paula Deen? I mean, it’s usually really fun when you can sense that the energy and ridiculousness is so up there that they are really struggling (like with every Stefon appearance) but i was kind of not feeling it most of the time here. I mean what happened on J-Pop American Fun Time Now?

    Six year old Jewish kid was the best though!!!

  12. No love for the Coolio sketch?! That was the winner of the night for me.

  13. I still love the JPop America Fun Time Now sketches. Every time. And Stefon was great, as usual. The whole button bit killed me. Aww.

    Otherwise I was kind of thought this episode was meh? All the Jewish kid sketch consisted of was yelling? Meh.

  14. The j pop thing cracked me up

    • Yeah, Jonah Hill was great in it. It disappointed me that Kelly marginalized it as though it were just the same as any past J-Pop sketch.

  15. Not to stir the pot or anything, but it was the best SNL episode I’ve seen in ages. The only thing I didn’t really like was the I’ll C U When U Get There bit at the end. Everything else seemed like solid gLOLd to me.

  16. Digital Shorts need to go back to being Lonely Island music videos.

    • I agree, but am wary, due to the non-music-video sketches I like a LOT, such as James Franco’s ‘JAMMIES!’, Ellen Page’s bathroom mirror dreams, and the Kristen Wiig vs. Andy Samberg Competition.

      Also, does the “I Don’t Know Why But Today Seems Like It’s Going To Be A Good Day!” sketch fall under Lonely island music video or just a sketch? Because I kind of really love that sketch.

      • Not to mention “Dear Sister”. Or “People Getting Punched Right Before Eating”. Or “The Curse”. Also does “Roy Rules” count as a Lonely Island music video because that is absolutely the best. I mean, really, it is the best of them all.

    • I don’t think the other Lonely Island guys are on the show anymore- at least they weren’t on the writer’s credits. Am I missing something?

  17. Kelly, do you not understand modern humour? That digital short was nothing but groin shots. it’s almost like a doctor surgeon went into my brain and found out “the secret of laughter” and then developed “the perfect sketch.” C’mon. Did you even make it to the part where a tennis ball hit groin? That was the best part!

  18. i thought the digital short was very funny….it was at least potentially funny when compared to the afro one

  19. I was thinking more Daniel Faraday:

  20. I thought the digital short was pretty funny. Obvs, it’s all crotch shots; but the gratuitousness of them makes it funny! Cool ‘Brhost’ Hunters spoof, too. Also: am I the only one who thinks Vanessa Bayer is kind of attractive?

  21. i liked the digital short, anytime anyone gets hits in the nuts is always funny

  22. “not that I can point to any specific examples but just because it seemed like something I had seen before, if anyone knows that I am right in any way feel free to prove it, ”

    Rowan Atkinson did a great job of this particular idea in Not The Nine O’ Clock News.


  23. I just want to say that I, too, found the digital short to be quite humorous. Maybe Kelly just didn’t “get” it.

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