Ok, we don’t need any more Rube Goldberg machine videos anymore, this one is the best! You’ve done more than enough! Thank you and goodnight! (Via OHYST.)

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  1. Sometimes I feel like the internet is one big Rube Goldberg Machine designed to get me to watch videos of Rube Goldberg Machines.

  2. Anyone else read the name of the video as Audi’s Rube Goldberg Machine? Viral marketing is weird

  3. Little Bobby Moynihan is adorable.

    • For a second he made me want to have kids. Then I realized I don’t need a human child to do this. I can make my own machine. Feminism!!!

      I even have all the books that his parents he had so coyly displayed.

  4. i prefer the Rube Golderg video where the kid pulls the tablecloth and it makes the shelves fall and the TV hits the kid.

  5. Meh. The soundtrack for this video should be Ok Stop.

  6. “You’re welcome, little Rosie O’Donnell.”

    - Rube Goldberg

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