Hey laaaaaadieeeeeeeeeeees! For the past year, there has only been one voice in the girls rapping about designer labels game, and that was the young, nasally, perfect voice of Kreayshawn. Her song “Gucci Gucci,” a song which I honestly love so much, launched a tidal wave, just kidding, of girls not caring about wearing labels because basic bitches wear that shit, but left many asking — “where’s the other side to this argument?” Surely there must be SOME woman out there willing to voice the opinions of the label-minded in the style of rap-from-someone-who-shouldn’t-be-rapping. Some brave soul willing to not quite rhythmically state a string of label names, tied together loosely with the idea that shopping in a mall is exercise. ENTER: JOAN RIVERS, LADIES AND GERMS!

One big mall / full of bad bitches / shopping for designer clothing / and also getting some good cardio / in the early ’90s, probably. (Via EverythingIsTerrible.)

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  2. I really hate Joan Rivers.

  3. The origin of Kreyshawn, finally revealed.

  4. A Piece of Work indeed.

  5. Gonna guesstimate 1995-96 or simply 6 facelifts ago.

  6. Joan Rivers’ skull was so ashamed of this video that it has spent the last 20 years trying to escape her face.

  7. Happy International Women’s Day everyone!

  8. I dunno she seems like a pretty good rap-ist.

  9. I’m so distracted by that freakishly tall woman on the left.

  10. Um – old woman falls into younger large lavender woman at about 1:29. Like, it looks like she legitimately trips and falls into her. It happens right before Joan wipes all the pit-sweat from under her bat wing.

    Also, I remember my mom having hair like Joan’s in the 90′s and for a split second, during one of the long shots I swore it was my mom awkwardly “rap dancing” about shopping (as I’m sure it was called back then).

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