The Travel channel is premiering a new reality show about a guy who gives bus tours of pizzas in Brooklyn. Don’t fuhgettaboutit!

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  1. So glad I took the tour before it was a TV show. It was delicious.

    • This is a real thing and not something invented for a TV show? And you actually went? That’s awesome. I know I say this like pretty much every day… But Kate, you’re the best.

      • Yeah I think Kelly talked about it here before. It was the one with all of the elderly people and the A/C on the bus broke. But it was still great. Tony is one of a kind.

  2. Finally? How could you forget Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place?

  3. The restaurant where he meets with his “consglieres” (ugh) is where I had the rehearsal dinner for my wedding. Also where my dad has his office Christmas party every year. Also where my family eats after funerals do some reason. True stories, one and all.

  4. I love pizza.

  5. Lamest nickname ever. If this guy was a character in Goodfellas he would have got stabbed with an ice pick in in the opening credits.

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