Doug? Doug? Hello? Doug? You there, Doug? Doug, are you OK? Doug? Could someone check on Doug? We Need to Talk About Doug. WHY AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO IS WORRIED ABOUT DOUG RIGHT NOW? Someone please find out if Doug is alright. Doug? Hello? Doug? Anyone? Doug? What if Doug is having a micronap and Freddie Krueger is knife-glove rape raping him? Doug wake up! Doug, it’s just a bad dream! OH NO, NOT A MICRONAP!!! Doug? Did that yelling wake you up, Doug? Hello? Super Tuesday? Doug? Freddie?

Doug? (Via DailyWhat.)

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  1. He wasn’t sleeping. He was thinking about the Republican primaries and silently weeping.

  2. That’s pretty Funnie.

  3. I don’t blame Doug, news is pretty boring.

  4. RIP, Doug

  5. “In other news, Fox correspodent Doug Sleepyhead is fired.”

  6. Colossal screw-up on the part of the in-studio reporter. Doug was just waiting for his music to cue for what was going to be an unprecedented amalgam of news report and modern dance choreography.

  7. “Sacagawea? Sacagawea. Sacagawea. Sacagawea? Sacagawea. Sacagawea.”
    ” … she’s really not giving us the time of day at all.”

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