As I’m sure we all know, it’s not easy to make a name for yourself in this world full of other people trying to make a name for their own selves — a world full of Twitter, Tumblr, New Yorker caption contests, whatever Pinterest is, reality TV, and so on. How can you possibly stand out from the crowd? As a painter, specifically, if we can switch gears to painters for a moment, how do you stand out from a crowd of other painters who all use stupid paint brushes to do their paintings? If you’re thinking, “Well, you can just use your nose?” let me tell you that maybe someone has already thought of that and tried it, only to find out that OTHER PEOPLE WERE ALREADY DOING IT! Not so easy to think of a way to stand out now, is it? Sometimes, faced with this difficulty, you just have to think of the grossest and worst way to do something — a way that no one would ever do, because why would anyone ever want to do it that way, because oh my god that sounds terrible. Sometimes you just have to paint with your tongue.

We all have to make sure someone remembers our name after we die in our own ways. And using your nose isn’t going to do it. (Via Neatorama.)

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  1. i wish he wouldn’t paint so many faces. it looks like he’s making out with them :(

  2. Ah, I see he paints in the French-style.

  3. His hobby stemmed from his love for huffing paint.

  4. I really hope he doesn’t use oil-based paints.

  5. But how much wood could he chuck if he could chuck wood?

  6. Anybody wanna see my dick pics?

  7. The last supper at the end was particularly inspiring. I’m not an expert on the bible, but I bet it says somewhere that you shouldn’t paint jesus with your tongue. I’m sure ricky santorum would be upset.

  8. That’s ok, Barack Obama talks out of his ass!

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