Let’s take a brief moment to gasp in wonder at the overwhelming enormity and impossible beauty of the universe.


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  1. Have you guys ever though that, like, maybe the colors I see on this video are different than the colors that YOU see on this video?

  2. No matter where he is, whenever Neil DeGrasse Tyson speaks that song starts playing in the background.

    • Is it sexist of me to suggest that I sincerely wish the hottest wife in the world on this man? He’s married right? Is she like, supermodel hot? I know I know JEEZ “djfreshie, I’m sure that Neil Degrasse Tyson is smart enough to not be a superficial pervert and I’m sure he married someone based on their mind, come on, djfreshie, get real don’t be silly.” But still, I’m like…that guy deserves a smoking hot wife. She can also be smart too, guys! Like really smart! But also hot. SMOKING hot.

      • I don’t think it’s sexist, but mostly cause I agree and I want to add to it.
        This guy is so cool, maybe the coolest. He deserves the hottest wife but also the coolest wife, like the one who is super hot and then they go home and she makes good jokes and just GETS him, you know?

        • Yup, that is exactly the wife I described. Like I’m sure he’s probably happy with a frumpy super intelligent mathematician, but he deserves more, like a super intelligent AND funny and smokin hot Mathematician.

      • I mean, yeah, it’s pretty sexist to talk about women’s beauty like it’s a commodity that men earn.

        • And, for that matter, to suggest that a conventionally attractive female mathematician is somehow worth more than a “frumpy” female mathematician. And I suspect you know it’s sexist, since you asked.

          • a lonely heart WOULD say that

          • attraction is a commodity for both genders. Since he’s male and heterosexual (and actually married with two kids), his attractive spouse would be female. And here we’re valuing attraction as a commodity over mental/vocational connections because it’s something others will immediately notice and value.
            but yeah, it’s pretty sexist to assume that only women’s attractiveness is valuable.

  3. “Yes, but are they older than dirt?” – Kirk Cameron

  4. Liberal bullshit.

  5. M.C. Hawking’s been there and done that, and he’s got the singularities and ho’s to prove it.

  6. Remember that you are space dust, and unto space dust you shall return.

  7. I loved it on NDT’s most recent appearance on The Daily Show when he pointed out to Jon Stewart that the Earth in the Daily Show’s intro is rotating the wrong way.

  8. “God dammit I did it! Who do you think you are, I am!”

    - Neil Degrasse and this video to Terrence Malick and The Tree of Life

    • If you find this more moving than The Tree of Life, I don’t even…

      Tyson’s a great populist champion of science education, stop trying to turn him into some highfalutin’ philosopher-king.

      • Isn’t some of the footage in this video from Tree of Life? Some of the mediocre CGI parts looked really familiar. Also hey, people are receptive to different types of information. Some people might prefer a dreamy impressionistic film to a dream dad eloquently spelling out the business. I personally found both pretty awe-inspiring. (Minus those shitty dinosaurs)

      • Well, I didn’t fall asleep while watching it so I guess so.

    • I think this video proves that Tree of Life could have been about 134 minutes shorter.

      It may not be a popular opinion, but that movie was corny and bored the bejesus out of me. It’s like my 62-year-old dad took psychedelics for the first time and then taught himself After Effects so that he could share his new cinematic vision with the world and also somehow convinced Brad Pitt to be in it. And dinosaurs.

      • I really like Terrence Malick, but I agree. I also think hit hit you over the head and smacked you in the face with what he was trying to say.

  9. Can Neil DeGrasse Tyson be my dad?

  10. Is that the death star orbiting Saturn at 2:21?

  11. “that’s what we all want; to feel connected; to feel relevant; we want to feel like a participant.”

    Sir, do NOT tell me what I want.


    I farted.
    And to think…the atoms that make up the universe…that are in me…were in that fart.
    Farts are funny.
    Why do I feel like I missed the point of this ? Oh, well…pull my finger !

    • Kirk Cameron says God created that fart and that it is HIS finger you should pull, not mine. I’m sorry if I led any of you down the wrong path.

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