Happy Super Tuesday! You can all rest easy knowing that the wife of the man who is sure to be chosen as your GOP candidate in the 2012 election can relate to your woes because she, like you, is poor. Not in terms of actual wealth or lifestyle or social concerns, but in terms of spirit. And interview soundbite skills.* How can she even consider herself wealthy? Would you also like to know if she considers herself “white”? As if there is another option? LET THEM EAT MONEY! (Via BuzzFeed.)

*Certainly taking a thirteen-second clip out of the context of a larger interview and mocking it doesn’t seem 100% fair on the interviewee’s part, but also all of these words DID come out of her Ann Romney’s mouth in response to how her family’s wealth translates to the voting public, and also ARE YOU GOD DAMN SERIOUS, ANN ROMNEY?
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  1. Poor she, it’s because her husband is unemployed.

  2. I think she’s confusing “interesting” with “asinine”.

  3. I have a pretty well-off family member who I’m pretty sure doesn’t consider herself wealthy, and I’ve always found that pretty aggravating. She’s about 50 times less wealthy than Ann Romney.

  4. I don’t consider myself to be a frequent Videogum commenter.

  5. I don’t understand why they think it is so important to pretend not to be wealthy. We should be demanding honesty from our politicians rather than seeking out the folksiest, right? Stop trying to be folksy! folksy!

    • Exactly. This is like the attack against candidates for being “career politicians.” Oh no? I don’t want my govermental representative to know how Washington works? You don’t want that doctor to take out your spleen! For Pete’s sake, he’s a CAREER SURGEON!!!

    • Yeah I doubt anyone is now saying, oh well she doesn’t consider herself wealthy so I can now identify with her…actually…there are a lot of dummies.

    • Yeah, I’ve always found that kind of weird. I mean, wouldn’t it be great if being extremely wealthy were the worst thing about Romney?

  6. Maybe Mitt made her sign a really solid prenup.

  7. In her defense, she was winded from a skiing down a mountain slope made entirely of gold coins that is located in the Romney family vault, so let’s cut her some slack.

  8. Isn’t she supposed to say she feels wealthy with the love of christ or some shit like that?

    • Sounds kinda gay.

      • The dude did hang around 12 men, had a father obsession, was really cut (i.e. had a six pack), and was best friends with a hooker (think Jerusalem’s best fag hag) AND he talked a lot of bullshit.

    • Actually I think “poor in spirit” was Bible-speak.

      But the weird thing is how she thinks it could all be “gone tomorrow,” unless that is also Bible for “We all have to die and we know not the hour” kinda stuff. If she means literally her billions of donuts could all be gone tomorrow than she is the worst at money and we should not let her family be in charge of the economy.

      • Obviously I posted this to talk you guys out of voting Romney, because you all wanted to.

      • “We all have to die and then the government takes a bunch of our money instead of allowing our kids to have all the billions, and instead they only get some of the billions” – Romney on Taxes

  9. Speaking of “here today, gone tomorrow,” hopefully she, along with her husband, falls into that category very soon.

    • And by “soon” I hope you mean “November” because I’d much rather have Santorum lose in the primaries than risk him coming any closer to the Presidency.

  10. She and Mitt ARE poor….PISS POOR…b/c Mitt is not a good candidate! Hahaha…welcome back, teacherman.

  11. It’s like that old joke. “I’m not rich, my husband’s not wealthy, our gardner isn’t wealthy, our butlers aren’t wealthy and our chauffeur certainly isn’t wealthy”.

  12. I want her to “write” a book about other things that she finds “interesting.”

  13. Looks like she pulled a “Michael Moore” there…

  14. When will the Romney campaign realize that acknowledging and addressing the issues that will prevent people from voting for him (wealth, religion, previous voting record) that he will come out ahead? Remember when Obama took on race and religion in his Reverend Wright speech? It didn’t fix the problem completely, but it did take it off the table for people to use against him. And when Kennedy gave his speech about being Catholic?

    If you watch Obama when he gives speeches, he always acknowledges that he is wealthy. The reason this works for him, is because he is essentially saying, “Look, I’m wealthy, and I should pay more in taxes than those who make less than me.” It looks virtuous. It is a lot harder to say, “Look, I’m super wealthy, and I think that I should pay less in taxes. Oh, and poor people need to start paying more.” But there is a way to deal with being wealthy and wanting to lower taxes on the wealthy (I completely disagree with it, but it is possible). You say, “I am wealthy, that is an obvious fact. My family and I have worked hard for generations to get to where we are. We’re an American family that reached the American dream. I want everyone to strive for that, and I don’t want anyone to be punished with taxes when they reach that dream.” It is right in line with Republican talking points, and it makes it seem like the other side is attacking the American dream. The problem is, you have to sound sincere when you say it, and Romney doesn’t have a sincere bone in his body.

    Sometimes when I watch election related stories unfold, I wonder why no one who works for the Republican campaigns knows anything about previous elections and history in general. If you study elections, you’ll notice that the more uplifting, positive candidate almost always wins. The one that says, “this is what I can do”, not “look at the mess the other guy made.” That is why Obama will win. Republicans are too busy being mad.


  15. More, youtube related video:

  16. The saying, “Here today, gone tomorrow,” assumes, of course, that your lavish wealth is indeed here today.

  17. I really love it when people call themselves interesting, particularly on the basis of the amount of money they have and its immense value compared to the net worth of 99.9% of America. However, Mrs Romney is being very honest when she says she’s poor in spirit, as long as she’s trying to convey the message that she doesn’t have a soul

  18. What’s a hell of a lot more strange is that you don’t consider the guy that took over the automobile industry and is trying to enanct community birthcontrol is not a communist.

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