The story of Universal’s Ouija Board: The Movie has been quite an emotional roller coaster ride for all of us. When we first heard about it back in January of 2011, we were all on board. “Oh my goodness, a movie about the Ouija board? That sounds completely perfect and the best,” is what we all said. Then we got the terrible news that Universal had dropped the movie, and what were we even living for anyway at that point? And THEN we got the weird news that Hasboro was moving on with creating the movie themselves? And how were were supposed to feel about that But now our will to live is restored, because LOOOOK!!!!!!!! From The Wrap:

“Ouija,” a movie Universal ditched in August, has found a new incarnation at the studio, Universal said Monday.

The initial version of “Ouija” was to be a big-budget film. The new one will be a low-budget, high-concept suspense thriller with Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes and Jason Blum’s Blumhouse Productions attached to produce.

The movie is slated for a 2013 release.

Ouija Board: The Movie in 2013?! Get Ricky Gervais on the phone because it turns out GOD EXISTS!!!! (Thank you so much for the tip, Matthew!)

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  1. Studio execs attempted to predict the chances of the movie ever seeing the light of day using the Ouija Board itself, and were perplexed when it answered “bdelj43i1″

  2. Remember that time when everybody was pretty sure that a movie based on Pirates of the Caribbean was ridiculous and doomed to failure?

  3. Proposed script revision: hip teens and tweens played by 30-year-olds use the Ouija board to ask ghosts why commenting is closed on the Amber Tamblyn prank post, because inquiring minds want to inquire that.

    If they edited Harry Potter with a Ouija board scenes into The Woman in Black and released it as this movie, I would go see it opening weekend.

  4. They should change the name of this movie to We BE Bored.

  5. Product placement has really gotten out of hand.

  6. The exchange between me and my buddy while he is bootlegging this fim: “Stop moving the camera dude”, “I’m not moving it I swear”, “Whatever man, this is lame”.

  7. If this movie makes money, I’ll finally be able to produce my script based on Light As A Feather, Stiff As A Board. I already had to take down my Tumblr for it, if you know what I mean.

  8. Believe it or not, I was excited about the Candy Land movie adaptation. Now that Adam Sandler’s got his sad, bloated mitts on the project, not so much.

    • True R2 story: when I was a kid, my mom used to fix it so that I would win at Candyland as fast as possible so that she could stop playing it. I thought I was just very good at Candyland. :-(

      • When I was about 14-15 my best friend and I would get really high, stack the Candy Land deck, and challenge her little sister to games. It was hilarious to our pot-addled teenage brains. Point is, your mom was probably high and/or me.

  9. Meh. This is a good start, but I’m waiting for them to announce that they’re doing movie versions of November Spawned a Monster and/or Hairdresser on Fire.

  10. They should set the movie in an English manor, like, say an abbey or something. It should be set after a big war. World War I, for instance. One of the characters will use the board as a way to convince an ambivalent war widow that her deceased husband has a message for her.

    I’m just spitballing. I have no clue where I get my ideas…

  11. “Low-budget” and “Michael Bay” in the same sentence? I’m so sure.

  12. They better have a scene like this:

  13. This could work. See also: Clue. (Don’t see: Jumanji.)

  14. This movie already happened in 1986 and it was called Witchboard.

  15. Will Robin Williams be in this movie?

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  17. On a side note, Paramount’s “Tea Leaves: The Movie” has just shifted into high gear.

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