Here is a video of some guys (the guys from “Dude Perfect” if that means anything to you) (not that I’m trying to put “Dude Perfect” down) (the quotations seem mean-spirited but they aren’t I swear) (I just don’t know who they are) (apparently they do trick shots?) (listen, I don’t know) (I’m sure they’re great) shooting the “world’s largest slingshot.” Let me just say that the thing that upsets me about this and that I will be losing countless nights of sleep over is that I highly doubt that this is the “world’s largest slingshot.” It looks like the size of a slingshot that many people would have already made, when they were trying to make a “very big” sling shot. (Tree-size.) You know? You can’t just go around calling every extra-large thing that you make (gross) the “world’s largest” one of those things. If we’re all going to survive in this world together we have to have BOUNDARIES. “Today I made the world’s largest omelette,” is, for example, something you shouldn’t be allowed to say if you just made a very big omelette for breakfast. “Today I watched the world’s most TV.” That one doesn’t even MAKE SENSE. IS THIS WHAT SOCIETY IS COMING TO?!

It is, however, a fairly impressive trick shot. The world’s most impressive trick shot. (Via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. I think even the title of the video “World’s Largest SlingSHOT” is insinuating that it’s the largest basketball shot made with a sling, and not that the slingshot itself is the “world’s largest.”

    Anyway. Let’s all go get that sweet app. *thumbs down* *raspberry*

  2. Kelly, my cousin’s husband is a freelance writer for the Guiness Book of World Records (sports edition, which is funny because he’s about as into sports as I am). Anyway, if I didn’t know for a fact that he was asleep right now, I’d make him chime in and applaud you for your interest in establishing realistic definitions in regards to the World’s Largest ______.

    I appreciate it too, but he’s an expert. Literally.

  3. So, I take it you don’t want to split the world’s largest breakfast burrito I just made? Oh. Okay, then. No problem. It’s cool.

    • If you baked yourself into it, later jumping out when it is served at an immigrant rights rally, I bet you’d get yourself a story in this months issue of “Poof”

      #arresteddevelopmentjokes #easyupvotes

  4. Also, they better use EVERY part of that tree! Just chopping down a tree for a dumb trick shot! That tree better be cut into lumber and given to whoever owns that land so’s they can stay warm in the wintertime.

  5. “Slingshots are older than dirt, but a slingshot that big just isn’t natural” – Kirk Cameron

  6. ALSO, I don’t know why the comments are closed on that Amber Tamblyn post, but that was hilarious!

    I got confused for a quick second reading it, as the article states David Cross must be rubbing off on her, and I didn’t realize she was his girlfriend. Reading it at first I was like, “‘David Cross?’ That’s a Todd Barry joke about a photography portfolio…”

    • Thanks for opening up a forum to talk about it, KajusX. I have lots of thoughts about that post. Some of these thoughts include:
      1) hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha
      2) Let’s all be friends with Amber Tamblyn
      3) Tyrese has terrible taste in music, because those were GOLD
      4) It is not very polite to say someone’s music is “trash” directly to them
      5) Let’s all change our email signatures to “Respectfully, Tyrese Gibson”

      • Gobblegirl, those were my EXACT SAME THOUGHTS IN THE IDENTICAL ORDER.


        have you guyz seen that vid on youtube where he shows MTV or whateverthefuck the murals in his house?? One mural is entitled “what if?” and is a painting of Malcolm X baptizing Tupac, because “obviously” and also “of course”, and “definitely” to boot. He acts like the concept is such a profound revelation, but NOPE, a pylon would know that’s ridonkulous. Nice try, ‘rese.

    • I didn’t know they were engaged, either! My brain just skipped over that part because it was confusing then I started listening to her demos and that was such a great prank. I’ma think about that prank all day.

    • Seriously, that last song was genius. Aside from that, “what you on?” “Virgin America!” was my favorite.

      Also, I apologize if this is widely known, but I just found out that while Community not might have any Emmys, at least Dean Pelton won an Oscar for writing the Descendents

      • The last song was over the top for being about contraception and sampling “Someone Great”, which is arguably a very sad song about having a miscarriage. Surely that was just a coincidence, because that’s too many layers for just a simple prank.

    • Contraception matters!!!!!

  7. No. This is the world’s largest sling shot. I think what is throwing you off is that there isn’t anything that you can easily use for scale. Maybe it would help to know that every member of Dude Perfect is 45 feet tall.

    • Speaking of Dude Perfect, give me one guess as to how you think they settled on that name. Then I’ll tell you if it is what I thought. I think we will probably get this.

      • Dude is a type of “Ranch.

        Ranch is a type of “Dressing”

        Other dressings are inferior to Ranch, objectively, in the following order:

        Pomegranate Vinaigrette
        Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Lemon
        Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Balsamic
        Thousand Island/

        That spells Perfect. Hence: Dude Perfect.

        Also the guys’ names are Donald, Uriah, Donnie, and Englebert.

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