We can’t all perform elaborate dance routines at our weddings with our goatees and our beautiful wedding parties and our hats, but we can all certainly join in the spirit of it all with a quick dance break. Are you in the spirit? Do you feel the well-choreographed love? And you’re thinking, “I wonder if that guy is like a dancer at his job, and maybe that is why he’s such a good dancer? Or like, why do you think…?” Great, because the BREAK IS OVER, BACK TO WORK! (Via BlameItOn.)

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  1. “Now this is what God had in mind.” -Kirk Cameron

  2. Yikes. Vitiligo couldn’t have made that wedding any whiter.

  3. I have so many regrets about my wedding day. But the biggest is probably that I didn’t plan enough choreographed crotch grabbing into our reception.

  4. I’m as serious as cancer when I say “Rhythm is a dancer.”

  5. Now that’s a (white) man. I had to take two whore pills just watching him.

  6. In this scenario I think Annie is short for annulment.

  7. Kelly, your poor future fiance. I’m gonna have to require that he top this.

  8. I’m assuming this footage was used as “Exhibits A-G” at the annulment proceedings.

  9. So, odds that this guy had an embarassing public proposal are what: 100%? 112%?

  10. So this is the kind of shit white people do at weddings?

  11. that dance was so boring. only white folks would be impressed by that…

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