Really, this is the second Game of Thrones S2 trailer to be released, but we never talked about the first one. Soooo, what do you think?! Also: The Simpsons did a Game of Thrones couch gag last night. What do you think of THAT?!

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    • I seriously don’t know if I can take this waiting omg I wish I could take a pill and go to sleep today and wake up on April 1!!!! AAAAGGGGHH! I hope Arya says “Fear cuts deeper than swords” at some point!!!!! But also it’s ok if she doesn’t b/c this show is too damn good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS Sir Richard Carlisle from Downton is Ser Jorah Mormont. Worlds collide!

  1. Access Hollywood has been doing cast interviews to hype season 2 and my future ex-husband Rory Mccann (the Hound) said he’s moving to a place with no electricity that can only be reached by boat and now I’m conflicted because could I really live in a place with no electricity or can we afford a second home CALL ME, RORY!! April 1 can’t come soon enough!!!

  2. I think that someone got really drunk Saturday night and watched the trailer literally thirty times in a row. Could be anyone.

  3. Here’s a game called “say what part you want to see without spoilers.” I’ll go first: Brienne, Loras, melee. Or Brienne, Renly, Shadow. Or Brienne, Brienne, Brienne.

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