AMC may have revealed a MAJOR (I assume) Walking Dead spoiler in a DVD advertisement on its website. Everyone’s actually dead and they’re all in heaven! Just kidding! Don’t click on that if you don’t want to know the real one! (That they’re all dead and exist only in a monster’s dream, OOPS.)

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  1. he was undead the whole time
    just trying to see if I could type this before FaceTaco does

  2. The show was terrible the whole time

  3. Qui Gon Jinn dies?

  4. I thought everyone already knew that person/thing was leaving and doing something with Darabont.

    But I guess the news isn’t about what everyone already knows about characters in the show, it’s really about AMC’s competency (or lack thereof) at releasing information to the viewing public.

    • I actually already commentated on this earlier, a few weeks back on one of those “afternoon links” posts but, as usual, everyone always ignores me so now it is “news” and etc. The internet is a race and I won it.

      • I remember your comment, Steve. I just tend to remain hushed when it comes to spoiling things, because I don’t wish to be that guy. So I neither confirm nor deny those things. I just let them be.

        • I made a point of spoiling the sixth sense and ruining it for people who were looking forward to that. haw haw haw

        • I will say about the comic though, and you don’t have to worry about it being a spoiler for the show because it will taken the show 23+ seasons to get to the issue the book is at, and by then no one will even remember I said this, and also the world will have been destroyed 22 years prior, and also if you’re planning on reading the books this isn’t really a spoiler either, so here goes: There is a new character nicknamed Jesus, and he looks like Jesus, hence his name. He is really good at hand-to-hand combat. Daryl is not in the comics.

          • I apologize for the terrible lapses in grammar. That’s what I get for going back into a paragraph-long sentence and inserting more and more parts, deleting other parts, and then not proof-reading before I hit submit.

          • I just read #94 and I don’t know what to think of where this Jesus storyline is going.

      • “Toldja.” -Nikki Finke
        “Psyche!” -Steve Winwood

  5. Isn’t it only a spoiler to reveal that someone doesn’t die during the apocalypse?

  6. Thanks for ruining this show.

  7. I would click on the link, but it would take me an entire season to do so.

  8. Additional Spoiler: They spend 40 minutes about talking about killing Shane, then he dies in the last minute. Tune in next week!

    • The terrible thing about the show’s ‘structure’ so far is their predilection to mercilessly telegraph EVERYTHING SO FAR IN ADVANCE that by the time the thing happens everyone will have already seen it coming. Case in point- we all already DO (whereas, in the comic book you see it coming MAYBE, then before you can really get it together it’s all over for this particular character [I like how I'm still being purposefully vague for no reason whatsoever]).

      What’s so great about this death in particular is it set up after only 6 ISSUES what the crux of the comic is going to be about– morally questionable decisions by people in complete survival mode, who, once they find a speck of respite, get to reflect on their past actions, are horrified by the person staring back at them in the mirror, and are stricken by grief that quickly falls by the wayside as they snap back into survival mode, that is, IF they survive (and no one is safe)

      Where the show misses this mark by a huge margin is that the characters have been sitting around FOREVER, undeservedly MOPING AND BICKERING AND MOPING. None of them have earned a speck of ‘character development,’ and no one has unexpectedly died, shell-shocking the characters and then the audience, the closest example of this is Sophia, which once again was telegraphed and BORING (even still, some people really liked that moment, but that should have happened 3 episodes sooner to really have the desired effect. And what’s been happening since then? Business as usual. Arguing about NOTHING. BLEH).

      • Could not second this opinion more.

        I remember when I watched Game of Thrones the first time through, I noted to a friend that they wasted absolutely no time whatsoever. Not one second. It is ALWAYS either Storytelling, or Showing me something awesome. It is never doing anything beyond those two things.

        Walking Dead spends so much goddamn time not telling a story. It assumes the audience is dumb, because it is literally the writing room speaking through the characters at us, explaining what they think about women in a post-apocalyptic world, or explaining why Hershel is a dick, or hy Grimes makes some hard choices. If we’re smart, we’ll figure it out. I don’t always need a character to explain things I see with my eyes. Nobody does, really.

        It’s kind of like if you’re reading a book, and the book describes a scene, and then the character almost always repeat that description through dialogue. It’s fucking infuriating.

        A cold wind blew in from the north. The grey skies cast a grim scene as a wolf howled off in the distance. Rain began to fall; at first in a light drizzle, but eventually a downpour, filling the ground with mud to catch a boot and small lakes to fill it with sludge.

        “God it’s crappy outside. It’s even starting to rain.”
        “You’re telling me. It’s pouring out. only the wolves are still out hunting prey. What are we doing out here pardner?”
        “I don’t know anymore. Christ, I just lost my boot in the muck. And now it’s full of water.”


        • KajusX & Chainsaws read djfreshie’s comment and slowly nodded his head in agreement. He knew exactly what point djfreshie was making, and was delighted by the example provided, as it unequivocally encompassed the ideas expressed. KajusX & Chainsaws began to type.

          “That IS infuriating. What a great point, and a great example! I knew what you meant when you initially just described the style of writing, but then your example really drove that point home!”

          • Watch for it next episode, K&C. Great moments in this from last episode include: showing us they are taking that kid somewhere and then explaining to us they are taking the kid somewhere. Also, the girl tries to commit suicide and then they explain to us that she tried to commit suicide (MORE THAN ONCE) probably many many many other examples of wasting our time.

            Also, reading the last comic, I keep forgetting that Sophia is still alive.

          • I would watch for it next episode, but other than the season 2 half-season opener which was streaming on, I haven’t seen any since. No cable. No tv. No energy to find an alternative, probably illegal way to see it. I am in no rush to see it.

            (btw, did you hear the recent casting news for The Governor, who will be heavily featured in season 3?)

  9. You really aren’t missing anything. My girlfriend is into it so it’s on every sunday, and I really really am pretty helpless against most zombie-related material. I could be watching worse things. To be fair to a garbage show I hate to defend, at least it’s not NCIS or Criminal Minds or something that is actually written by robot people who have never heard human dialogue before but are trying to replicate it nonetheless.

    I did not hear that news, but I will google that immediately.

    Whoa…weird. I do not know this gentleman, but he definitely does not look the part. Not like it’s really made a difference yet, I suppose. I mean, come on, what

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