We flew all the way to England and made this PSA about “rubbish” collection to tell you thank you for using our website. Music by Kelly Conaboy. Lyrics and melody by Gabe Delahaye. (Thanks for the tip, Sara.)

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  1. Finally a song to replace Subway’s $5 footlong jingle!

  2. And if you throw your litter on the ground fuck you

  3. I’m more interested in Berlusconi’s reaction video to this PSA.

  4. Nice music, Kelly!
    Nice COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT, Dreadlox Holmes!

  5. You’re very welcome you’re veryveryverywelcome.

  6. “You know why they call this place Hammersmith? Because we NAILED IT.”

  7. Oy! It’s right kind of the council to bring ’round the rubbish lorry so’s I don’t need to visit the tip meself.

  8. No expert, but I’m pretty sure “sacking your rubbish” is a sex thing.

  9. ££££££££

    • What does it all mean????

      They go Thank you for saving us millions of LLLLLLLLLLLLLLs.

      I thought Ls were only valuable in Mexico where they are used in place of the more luxurious yet overpriced North American word “The”.

  10. I can’t believe Boris Johnson isn’t trying to appear in this to take credit for the thank yous.

  11. I love it at the end when the song goes “thank you very much for saving us millions,” and the lady just opens and closes her mouth a bunch like a puppet because she doesn’t know the words.

  12. Also, those fingernails are amazing. HOW DOES SHE TYPE?

  13. Oh! the Lorrmanity!

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