What you’re about to see is a pretty gross video of a giant bug being born out of what looks like a creepy pod with a tiny little top hat. You’re probably thinking, “Hey Kelly, why do you always want to show us gross videos of bugs? Don’t you hate bugs? Don’t you know that we all hate bugs because they’re gross and we don’t even know why they exist, and we wish they would all just die? Not in a mean way, they can have pleasant and natural deaths, but then they all just wouldn’t exist anymore and finally humans could live in peace?” YES. All of that is true, you’ve read my mind exactly. But this bug video is special because it is of a bug called a “tree lobster,” gross, that before 2001 was thought to be extinct for 80 years. And this is the first video of its birth ever recorded in the whole history of the entire world. You can read about it here. But the most interesting thing about the bug that I found out is that they sleep in mated pairs, and when they’re sleeping the male drapes three of its legs (hahaha, bugs) over the female to protect her. ISN’T THAT JUST THE SWEETEST? Sweet little disgusting monsters. Watch its birth!

Ah, the horrifying miracle of life. You’re welcome for this Friday treat. Show your friends! (Via TheAwl.)

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  1. I READ THIS EARLIER THIS WEEK! And I agree with everything Kelly said. Also, I want to bring attention to the greatest journalistic sentence ever written: Where, they wondered, did that poop come from?

    Where indeed.

  2. The REALLY amazing part is, the person filming this didn’t even anticipate what was going to happen; in fact, they didn’t even know what they had found. They thought it was a rock. But it wasn’t a rock. It was a rock tree lobster!

  3. Is that egg a Tardis?

  4. Just dropping in to say that I am quite literally too frightened to watch this video. I’m already devising ways to make myself stop thinking about the still image so that I might be able to go to sleep again someday.

  5. Not to be all Spock, but fascinating. And the spa music is perfect. It should be playing in labor and delivery, right ladies?

  6. Congratulations tips@videogum.com. You just won yourself bi-weekly live birth video tip submissions from yours truly.

  7. I always make sure to show a lady my gross bug. Always.

  8. Also Kelly you tend do post these vids right as I’m eating lunch.

  9. Anyway, Idk about you guys but I’m hungry for some tomatillo salsa, green beans, asparagus, and gak

  10. Why did they make it so hard to get out of?!? Stupid bugs, enjoy extinction!

    • yeah, what was holding onto it’s hands in the acorn turd thing? it’s like someone was inside the acornturd holding onto it’s hands and trying to drag it back inside

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