You have to wonder — will we ever get out of this empty pool, whatever the empty pool represents for each of us? Whether it be the tedium of the 9 to 5, or the amount of day we have to endure until we finally get to go back to sleep, or doing laundry, or doing taxes, or something else entirely? Will we ever escape it? It’s certainly not for me to say. But maybe — just maybe — if you say, “Hey dad, why don’t you stop being such a dick and help me get out of this empty pool,” you will find some peace. Namaste. (Via SayOMG.)

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  1. Why don’t they just use a dry well? It’s much more effective, and the cost of a basket and rope is much cheaper than buying an above-ground pool.

  2. The Family Pool (a story about the life and times of the Pool family)

    • Maybe they can meet up with The Family Stone, and become The Family Poolstone, which sounds like a fake name for a gated community.

  3. And some of us, could be any of us, not naming names here, but some of us are trapped in a literal empty pool, and are thinking that ok, it was may be funny at first, but come on facetaco the joke is over.

  4. Come on, man, just walk to the shallow end, ya dummy! Dontcha understand how pools work?

  5. ABC’s pilot for “Wipeout for Kids”?

  6. He’s never going to figure it out if he can’t even speak English.

  7. My favorite is the part where he tries and then fails

  8. I wouldn’t worry, when this kid turns 13 or 14 he’ll be big enough to get out.

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