You guys following the 2012 presidential election? Well don’t bother. It’s all sewn up. A new USA Today/Pew Research Center poll shows that 100 percent of Americans would vote for Obama if the election were held today after he was asked who his favorite character from The Wire was and he answered thusly:

“It’s got to be Omar, right? I mean, that guy is unbelievable,” Obama said. “I mean, what a combination. And that was one of the best shows of all-time.”

BOOM! All the swing states were like “Swing whats? Obama TAKIN’ BACK THEM TOWERS!” Obviously, saying that Omar is your favorite Wire character is not enough of a political platform to hold onto the White House, especially in this fractured nation where “Cutty,” “Marlo,” “Snoop,” and “Stringer Bell” are all important to voters. But this important development came just days after Republican front-runner Mitt Romney said he’d “always been partial to Carcetti. He just seems white I MEAN AMERICA.” Give it a rest, Romney. In related news, it has just been reported that Barack Obama has appointed me to his Cabinet of People Barack Obama Is Jealous Of. (Via Vulture.)

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  1. Why do I feel like someday we’ll find out that Santorum and Rawls have a lot in common?

  2. Meanwhile New Gingrich is all like, “Sheeeeee-iiiiiiiitttt, brother…”

  3. I’m kind of pissed that Bill Simmons didn’t have time to get into their favorite characters from Melrose Place or 90210.

  4. What up, byrd?

  5. “Oh, Obama loves an openly homosexual criminal. Why am I not surprised?” -GOP

    • Anyone remember that Rawls scene in season 3? Classic GOP stuff.

      • That might have been the greatest, most subtle character reveal ever. Especially since it was never again raised.

        • Not entirely true. There is a scene in the men’s bathroom where “RAWLS IS A COCKSUCKER” is written on the wall. #superfan

          • Indeed, and there was another scene where Rawls picks up a pornographic magazine from Landsman’s desk (Landsman loved food and porn) and browses through it, eventually scoffing at it and rolling his eyes. Also, note all of the homophobic slurs that Rawls perpetually abuses his subordinates with throughout the series. #superfantoo

          • Fair enough. It’s alluded to again, but never in the predictable Big Dramatic Reveal most TV writers would have used.

      • This is what I get for looking at the comments when I’m only halfway through season 2.

  6. I was going to vote for Prez.


  8. Just realized that this means OBAMA CAN SAVE “COMMUNITY”

  9. Brings a new definition to the term “Stimulus Package”:

  10. Mitt Romney says his favorite character on The Wire is Dennis Franz.. He also says he’s waiting patiently for someone to ask who is his favorite sister wife on Big Love is.

    • “I’m no different from you. I don’t have a particular favorite, but I have always enjoyed wires, and the wires here in Sandusky, Ohio are some of the finest wires in this great nation! ” – Mitt Romney

    • “I am a fan of The Wire. I think it is a very good show. The wires in it are very thin the way wires are. Not too thick, and, uh, and that’s good! Uhh… It’s on HBO, which is a good channel…” –Mitt Romney

  11. Obama comin’.

  12. Omar is the best, but I want THIS GUY running the treasury:

  13. Didn’t this happen a long time ago? Like, years and years? I saw an interview with Michael K Williams last year where he said hearing Obama say Omar was the best characteron the best show on TV was like being knighted. Are interviewers just constantly asking Obama about the Wire for some reason? Is the reason “racism”? Are they just trying to see if Obama knows where Wallace is?

  14. “Four more years. Season Four. Coincidence? I think not.” – werttrew

  15. Very confusing news. I thought Obama’s position on Omar was still “evolving.”

  16. I too have been appointed to the Cabinet of

  17. Look at my name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That is just putting ‘age’ and ‘romance’ together…you will get the U’R'L
    It’s a nice and free place for younger women and oldermen, or older women and younger men, to interact with each other!

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