“Aw man,” everyone in the world thought, “first of all we really thought he’d come around, and second of all we all REALLY wanted a super old guy version of Ghostbusters!”

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  1. Well that was exhausting.

  2. Aykroid: Come on, man. You know it’ll be fun. We’ve got the tools, we’ve got the talent.

    Murray: Sorry, Dan, but those days are over for me. Back when we shot Ghostbusters, it was Miller time. These days, it’s Suntori time.

  3. Just tell him Joel Cohen is attached to direct, I’m sure he’ll get on board.

  4. I think Bill Murray has the right idea, unless I find out that his refusal stands between me and the re-release of sweet sweet EctoCooler. Then goddammit, Murray, I rescind my support. Do it for the good of king and country.

  5. I was just waiting for all the enlarged prostate pee jokes. “Oh no! All of our Flomax kicked in at once and this bathroom only has a trough urinal!” “Don’t cross the streams!!!

    [CBS Studio "laugh riot" applause track]

  6. Apparently Bill Murray ran up behind the casting director, covered her eyes and said “Guess who decided to be in Ghostbusters III?” When she turned around, he ran away and said “Nobody will believe you.”

  7. So… Who else you gonna call?

  8. Maybe they can get Brian Doyle–then we would all finally see Warden Gentle’s side.

    • There is no shortage of Murray boys, that’s for sure.

      They could also probably get the one from “Moving Violations” (who was basically doing a Bill Murray impression the entire movie) or the one who played Fitz on”Still Standing” (who would bring a sort of cuddly quality to the role).

  9. That’s the second time Dan Aykroyd’s has stated that he and Murray ‘have a deep personal relationship that transcends business’, which makes it painfully obvious that they do not have a deep personal relationship that transends business.

    ALSO: ‘He’s got six kids, houses all over America. He golfs in these tournaments where they pay him to turn up and have a laugh. He’s into this life and living it.’ – AYKROYDBURN.

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