“A lot of the girls at school are so concerned with how they look to other people that they will do stuff just to try and make people think they’re this way or that way regardless of whether they’re staying true to themselves. Like, they’ll wear a certain style of clothes, or they’ll talk a certain way, or they’ll listen to the kind of music the guy they’re interested in is listening to even if they’d rather be listening to a different kind of music. I guess we all do this a little bit, but what I’m really looking for in a girlfriend is someone who isn’t afraid to be themselves. The girl for me is someone who will post a video to the Internet about how she doesn’t “get” leap days and will just rant and rave into the camera for a couple of minutes in a way that might make you think she was very unintelligent and desperate for attention but hey! That’s just her being her! And you have to love her for it, I know I love her very much. She just doesn’t get leap years and she’s not afraid to admit it in a painfully obnoxious and public way. Who do you think you are? She is!


I think my favorite part about your girlfriend is when she does her “scientist voice.” Spot on scientist voice. Scientists are so fucking dumb, it’s insane. (See also: “the dude who invented the months.”) But a close second for favorite thing about your girlfriend is when she says “this is what society has come to” and it turns out she’s somehow not talking about herself, but rather about the long and arduous social evolutionary process we have all participated in that has led us to…having leap years? Love her. Treat her right or I’m coming for you. (Via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. February has fewer days because Augustus Caesar made this same argument, basically.

  2. Go girlfriend, it’s your second birthday!

  3. You think this is bad? One time my girlfriend and I were on a date and I tried to explain how magnets work. Big mistake.

  4. I hope she “gets” dog years, because that’s the excuse I use to explain why dating her is not illegal.

  5. I explain to her the reason, but I’m afraid the whole Earth revolving around the Sun thing would cause a whole different rant on her part. No time for that, although more scientist voice would be cool.

  6. I have an idea. Instead of having a leap “day”, distribute 24 hours to each person every four years for “goofing around”; call them “goof” hours. You can use them whenever you want, just to take a break from the day, and have a goof.

  7. How did Gabe get his hands on my girlfriend’s Teen Mom audition tape?

  8. We really are a great fit. I listen to her talk about leapyears, she listens to me talk about how I don’t get that September is the ninth month, and not the seventh. Then we slowdance to Richard Marx. We’re planning our wedding for her second birthday next year!

    Or we would, if it wasn’t for 2012. What can you do? Better to have loved and lost to the apocalypse than to have never loved before the apocalypse at all.

    • What the fuck Scientist came up with 2012 being the end of the world? It’s just like “Durrrrr I’m a scientist and I want the world to end on December 21.” Why can’t it end in May so I don’t have to take my exams??? Here’s how it’s going to go: May 21, May 23- no, May 22, May 23, BOOM the planet blows up and we don’t have exams.

    • You’d better get with The Whatever, maybe his boyfriend John Cusack can save you from impending doom.

  9. I think there’s a brief moment where she has a flash of mathematical recognition, but it quickly passes. See seconds 38-40.

    • I saw that too. It was like a weak weed of a flower poking its gentle head up out of the soil for a brief moment of shocking hope before being obliterated by the thundering hooves of a distressed wildebeest.

  10. I blame rap music.

  11. I’m with her on one thing though: who is celebrating their fifth ‘leap year’ birthday and is in high school? Bitch is 20.

    • No, she’s 16. You turn 0 when born, not 1.

      • Whoops that came out all wrong. I’m just so wrong here. Everyone downvote, I did.

        What I was originally thinking was its possible for her to be 17 if her first birthday was when she was 1 actual year old, and then she could turn 5 and have 16 years have passed since her first actual birthday. But she has to have been born on Feb 29th, and therefore has her first bday at 4 years old. Whoops. Bitch is 20.

    • Would it really surprise you to learn that this girl went to school with people who were held back that long?

  12. I think we all agree that the guy who invented the months should have considered how it would affect this person (who is, after all, being perfectly reasonable), at this time right now, in 2012.

  13. I bet the fucking guy that made the months is pretty embarrassed now.

  14. Ugh. Kill yourself.

    But not really. I saw Glee last week.

  15. Leap Day!? I thought this was Leek Day? What am I supposed to do with all this soup?!

  16. I think that making a youtube video where you complain about not understanding something is the perfect solution to not understanding something. For MILLENIA we’ve had to listen to professional teachers and inanimate books try to explain things to us, and it’s done absolutely nothing. Why would you listen to a teacher or read a book when you can just make a video?!

  17. Drops webcam, walks off stage.

  18. “I know why we have Leap Year, because I’m friends with the dude who invented the months.” – Mark Wahlberg

    • If I had invented the months, it wouldn’t have went down like it did. There would have been a lot of blood on winter solstice and then me standing atop a stone altar saying, “OK, don’t worry, everyone gets two birthdays now!”

  19. My birthday is in February, so I have never had to worry about Leap year pushing my birthday to a day later in the calendar year. OR HAVE I?

    Check this out: If our year is actually 365 days and 6-ish hours, then basically starting the year after leap year, everybody’s birth times are pushed ahead six hours until Leap Year corrects it for us.

    I was born on the 12th at 6:15PM EST. So next year, my birthday will be on the 13th, since I will have been born around 12:15 AM EST (but I live on the west coast so my birthday will actually still be on the 12th at 9:15PM PST). Then the year after that? 6:15 AM EST. Year after that? The 13th at 12:15PM EST. And the year after that? Well, it’s Leap Year again so WHAMMY! Born on the 12th again.

    What I’m saying is, this girl is dumb because we can technically squeeze two birthdays out of almost every year while operating INSIDE the system.

    Now I drop the mic.

    • What the Hell are you even talking about?!?! Why are you even in Highschool?! I just don’t understand!

    • i know my reaction, when i realized that my birthday was 18 hours behind schedule this year and not actually until the following day, was definitely FUCK YALL IM HAVIN 2 BIRTHDAYS

      except it was actually like “fuck got to get birthday off facebook right now i forgot again ughghghg”

  20. I made a whole series of videos just like this, but about Daylight Saving Time. Because seriously, what the fuck scientist decided just to move time forward and back whenever he fucking wants?

  21. In other idiotic news, remember when snooki posted that picture of herself without makeup and everyone was like “wow, she’s not totally hideous!” WELL! today kim kardashian posted a similar photo of herself without makeup probably because she’s an attention whore who was hoping people would say how pretty she is without makeup but guess what! Snooki’s pregnancy news is what people* are talking about instead. haha take that, kim kardashian.

    *people = idiots who care about snooki and/or kim kardashian

    yes i realize i’m unfortunately included in people.

  22. Camera tilted down slightly to fit boobs in frame.

  23. In this one instance, I really wish the ‘internet video’ was around when I was in high school, because I would LOVE to share with everyone the Student Council Treasurer Leah’s rant about how gravity works.

    She adamantly believed that if you dug straight through the Earth’s core to CHINA (because everyone knows no matter where you start digging you’ll come out in China), when you broke through the Earth’s crust on the other side you would just fall up into space.

    OOOH I wish I had a time machine. I would definitely get around to going back to that instance to record her saying that.

  24. Why is this little girl so angry about a day?

  25. America’s brightest and best…

  26. “This is what society has come to.” -my exact thoughts while watching this video.

    There’s a link to her tumblr on YouTube, and after glancing at it, I am now certain her parents* must be super-duper proud of their little bundle of crap! Haha, did I say crap? I meant joy! Joy is what I meant to say, silly!

    *(Her mother, by the way, is Snooki. And her father is a medical waste facility.)

  27. 4 out of 3 people agree with her logic

  28. From now on I am going to count every day as her birthday as she makes so many good points, whatever date that is I forgot and I don’t want to watch her again.

  29. She is going to show up one day on Real Housewives of New Jersey. Mark my words.

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