All the way back on Friday, Paul Rudd was on Late Night and discussed a few lesser-known buddy comedies movies he and Jimmy Fallon have done together. And they are all perfect! (Also, Ken Marino was on Conan last night!) (Leap day, ahhh!)

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  1. I wish I could live inside the movie poster for Lil’ Patriot

  2. Those really are perfect. I can’t even look directly at the fantasy one.

  3. Duh-doy I love Paul Rudd, but Fallon is inching his way up to my Top 5! Although, I don’t think I’d actually want to bang. I just want to sit around all night with him making jokes, listening to records, watching YouTube videos, and eating cereal. Same thing, right.

  4. First thing I’ve seen today, and that’s quite a high bar that’s been set. Wish I could just go to bed.

  5. I’m going to need a life-sized copy of “That’s What She Said.” For…research purposes. Yes, that’s it.

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