I hate to be the one to say this, but what’s the deal with corgis? They’re certainly cute enough, and I certainly enjoy videos of them, but why are there SO MANY videos of corgis specifically? Why are they the “it” dog in animal videos? I’m going to get really real here, so if you can’t handle it maybe you should just skip directly to the videos: Corgis are not that great! They just have short legs! I mean, they’re super cute and I love them, but also, I could deal with a few other types of dogs showing up in videos. YOU KNOW? Guys? This is very serious, I have a lot of very serious and well informed opinions about the state of corgis in animal videos and I hope you’re all listening and you’re going to go home tonight and discuss this with your families over dinner. “Why so many corgis?” Anyway, this week we have a corgi video to enjoy. It’s cute! Also we have a lot of other great vids, and there’s even one video of a STARFISH! Whoaaaaaaa! Wasn’t expecting that one! LET’S LOOK AT IT!

10. Owner Of Cats Oddly Chill About Letting Them Scratch Up An iPad

9. Scary Cat

8. Starfish Flipping Over

7. Cat Just Wants To Watch Star Wars In Peace

6. Puffer Fish Chases Laser

5. Corgi Sings When Doorbell Rings

4. Mini Horse And Fat Cat Are In Love

3. Snoring Hummingbird

2. Kitten Prepares To Race

1. Wonderful Dog Can’t Fit A Baguette Into Her Kennel

Oh my goodness, that dog is so wonderful. So confused and so silly and such a dummy, I LOVE IT SO MUCH! That video, and the kitten video, AND the snoring hummingbird video, really just brought me a lot of joy to watch. I hope they did the same for you. The snoring hummingbird was really a surprise, just like the snoring animal we had last week, in that I really didn’t think it was going to be so great before I watched it. And then it was SO GREAT! Just so wonderful. The minihorse and fat cat are wonderful, obviously, just because of what they are. And coming in at number five we have the famous corgi, that inspired our corgi rant at the top of the post. You’re cute, corgi! No offense! I still love you! And so many people here love you so much and they might be mad at me about what I said about you!

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  1. “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.” — Starfish, after getting flipped over.

  2. Corgis are iconic– especially in pairs– because of that British queen lady who owned a shitload of them (played by Helena Bonham Carter in The King’s Speech). They’re also super-cute. (and c’mon, Kelly, PLENTY of dogs ‘just have short legs’).

    Also, did you guys know that starfish are TERRITORIAL? I saw it on a show. They showed a bunch of starfish in super-fast-forward playing king of the hill on some hunk of rock on the ocean floor.

  3. Baguette dog is great but, my gosh, that apartment is disgusting! Don’t leave you’re $200 Le Creuset pot on your gross kitchen floor, people. You cook in that thing? Blech. Clean your floor first. THEN you can place your fancy kitchenware on it!

    • I assume they covered that in the full description which we were ordered to read at the beginning, but I was like “whoa whoa whoa, I’m here for animal videos, not a homework assignment!”

  4. Also, I’ll be watching these during my lunch break, so I haven’t watched any yet, but is #9 a video from international super-star Maru the Cat?

  5. That dog is obviously stocking up for when its owner goes from semi dirty hoarder to full blown dirty hoarder

  6. KELLY. the fuck.

    in defense of the Corgi:

  7. That dog and the baguette = metaphor for my life, albeit much happier.

  8. My favorite part of the baguette puppy video is when the dude walks by and the dog drops the baguette like “Nothing to see here!”

  9. my adorable corgi would like you to stop trying to prove whatever it is you are trying to prove here, kelly.

  10. nope, nothing will ever convince me that corgis aren’t the best ever. i would question the abundance of cat videos, since i am not a fan of cats (except maru! oh maru, you are awesome), but that would be rude.

    i’ll just leave you guys with this:

  11. And extra points to the GREAT racing kitten video for it’s running time. Just enough to be adorable and funny without ever being boring. Aspiring animal videomakers and stars, take note!

  12. SNORING HUMMINGBIRD. That video is the most perfect thing I have ever seen in my life. It cannot be topped, it just can’t. Sleeping animals are the cutest and hummingbirds are the cutest animals BY FAR these are just facts.

  13. MINI PONY!!! there are these people that own two mini ponies in the french quarter in new orleans. every time i see them i have a meltdown. EVERY TIME. this happens on a fairly regular basis. mini ponies are magic creatures. also if you are blind you can get a service pony! if i ever go blind, i will comfort myself with that fact and fight tooth and nail to get me a pony.

  14. I don’t know how that hummingbird can sleep with that banana machine going in the background.

  15. every week these videos make me feel like this:

  16. Get OUT of here with that sleeping hummingbird ohmigodsocute!

  17. Is it just me or doesn’t the corgi in #5 sound like he’s pleading “Go Away!” over and over?

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