Oh, Uggie. I know that I am late to this one, but I did see The Artist last Saturday because I wanted to have a real reason to get excited when that movie beat out Hugo for Best Costume Design at the Academy Awards, and I know that everyone already knows this, but UGGIE! That guy. Very good actor. He should have stolen Andy Serkis’s Oscar campaign slogan because The Time Is Now to give Uggie all the awards. Such a celeb. A lot of couples play a game where they keep a short list of famous people that if somehow they were magically given the opportunity to “be with” (euphemism) it would be considered acceptable to cheat, and I’m not saying Uggie would be on my list because that’s illegal and kind of disgusting, but I am saying that he would be a joke entry on my list because hahahah UGGIEEEEEE! (See also: Hall Pass 2.) In any case, here is a photo of Uggie hanging out with Oscar the Grouch, obviously. No duh. Best friends. “You live in a trash can and I eat my own poop. Let’s go to the Oscars together.” It just makes sense. Unlike your caption. What are you even talking about? (Just kidding, great caption. YOU are the real star, I’m sure.)

Winner will receive special mention in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. So cheer up, grouches!

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  1. Looks like the academy is the real grouch. :|

  2. “This probably isn’t what you had in mind, but keep an open mind… I’m into dirty things…” – Oscar the grouch offering himself to Uggie.

  3. I loved you in Frazier.

  4. The two most real people in the place.

  5. And you say that guy’s hand is always up there?

  6. “Teach me how to Uggie”

  7. “I know I may say this about a lot of people, but you are a true garbage monster, friend.”

  8. “What a sellout.” – Cosmo

  9. This is cool and all, but I think Cosmo from Beginners had a much better night, taking bong hits with Janice and Dr. Teeth while watching the show at the Happiness Hotel in London.

    • I just want in on record that I would take Cosmo’s depression/existential angst/bittersweet on-screen presence over Uggie’s tricks and perfectly choreographed cuteness any day.

      • I agree with this.

        • It’s like, where Uggie boringly barked for help to save George from that fire, Cosmo would have just been like, “His death was as poetic as his pictures.”

          • Also Cosmo is a rescue dog. And also Cosmo inspired Ewan McGregor to adopt his own mutt on the last day of filming of Beginners.

            Uggie’s cute, but he’s no Cosmo.

          • What a great story! I didn’t know any of that! (No sarcasmo.)

            You guys, I just want to say that I am going through some tough pooch-related times right now, because there is this PERFECT dog (and Cosmo lookalike) at a shelter that I want to make my own, but I cannot because my landlords (read: parents) won’t allow it. They keep referencing the future “when I’ll own my own house” as some sort of mollifying argument for their rigidity. Whatever. This dog is so perfect that I’m afraid I won’t even want another dog when that time comes.

          • I had to convince my landlords to let me adopt my guy (10 years ago next month) and it was the best decision that I have ever made. And now I live in a house. And also… having a dog in a house is a bigger deterrent to thieves and attackers than pretty much anything else. Or an apartment, for that matter.

            You would be saving a life and in return making everyone else’s better… I don’t see what the issue is. Plus they force you to exercise and socialize and people with dogs live longer and kids that grow up with dogs don’t have as many weird allergies and they lower your blood pressure. In summary, dogs are the best. And rescued dogs are the best of the best.

          • That’s awesome. And don’t think I don’t have my own Save Pogo Campaign going on. (I’ve posted pictures of the dog all over the house with messages like “Please save me.”) But my landlords are rigid. Like, EASTERN EUROPEAN IMMIGRANTS rigid. They are just not taught to love animals outside of their pragmatic usefulness over there.

          • Commentatrix, your plight really speaks to me. I love dogs, but have not been able to get one for the past decade, as they are a responsibility that i am afraid of and also can’t take upon my own shoulders just yet! But I WANT!!! I hope things work out well for you in your current canine predicament!

            On another note, who are we to act all snooty and judgey if a dog is or isn’t a rescue dog? They’re dogs! It’s not Uggie’s fault he wasn’t a rescue, just as it wasn’t Cosmo’s fault that he is! That’s just how the chips fell and then were gobbled up because dogs.

            Nobody’s saying Cosmo sucks. He just wasn’t as center stage as Uggie, just like Beginners wasn’t as center stage as The Artist.

            It’s like that John Mulaney “I Love It” segment on Weekend Update about animals in movies:

            “In the world of movies, let’s talk about Disney’s Secretariat: I love it! I love to watch any movie that stars an animal because the animal does not know that it is in a movie. As far as that horse knows, there were a bunch of people hanging around him and know they’re all gone. He was probably really confused! There were people standing around him yelling, ‘Go Secretariat! You have to win!’ and he was like, ‘Yeah, my name is Phil, but alright.’ He probably thinks he actually won the race, and that’s cool. I love it!”

            Everyone needs to drop this Team Uggie/Team Cosmo nonsense. Just like all dogs (unless they’re dirtbag chows! [Sorry, personal vendetta] even chows!), and get one from a rescue/get a free dog if you can! Close the door!

          • Then play up the protects you from getting robbed and attacked angles. Now you have a working dog. I read an article the other night — maybe on Lifehacker? — where a criminal said that even a little yappy dog makes burglarizing a place too much of a pain in the ass to be worth it.

            Good luck, seriously.

          • Thanks, guys! I mean it!

          • I just really like it when rescue dogs are promoted because shelters get an uptick in adoptions.

            And if a dog like Uggie (who, while totally adorable, really looks like a purebred to me) is so charming that he creates a massive demand for that breed, a lot of shelter dogs will be euthanized because it will then be fashionable to have a purebred Jack Russell Terrier.

            Also, because of this, many of the dogs that were bred to be fashionable will display weird inbred traits and have terrible health problems… because they are usually come from depolorable puppy mills. And the effects of this stuff is heartbreaking. (It happens every single time Disney puts a Dalmation movie in theaters and was very VERY prevalent in Southern California in the early-to-mid 2000s because of all those idiot starlets with purse puppies — and now the shelters are overrun with messed up chihuahuas and chihuahua mixes that get abandoned after the owner loses interest or someone can’t sell them at the right store).

            Plus Jack Russell Terriers are super hyper, can be rather aggressive are known to destroy stuff as they get bored easily and at high-risk for abandonment because they are hard-wired to chase down foxes. (They also had an overbreeding/dumping issue in the 90s because of Eddie on Fraiser.)

            People really just don’t understand that a trained dog on TV or in the movies is not the dog you’re buying at a dog store — even if they look exactly alike.

            So while I do think both are adorable, I’m totally team Cosmo because he’s a symbol of something I care very, very much about.

          • badideajeans, I absolutely hear what you’re saying about the terrible puppy farms and all the bad practices of the dog-breeding industry capitalizing on popular living-breathing-creatures trends, and I am glad for you to have the opportunity to extrapolate on those greater themes by shining a light on Cosmo’s origin as a rescue dog, and Ewan’s proactive involvement in the rescue dog community.

            I’m not going nearly as deep with it. I’m going at it from a dog vs dog level (a much less important/more silly angle than yours, but it’s my angle nonetheless). Uggie very well could’ve been a purebred Jack Russell picked up in a shelter. He wasn’t. It’d be nice if he was, since he’s getting the bigger spotlight because the movie he didn’t know he was making got much more attention than Cosmo’s, and therefore would grant the plight of the rescue dog a larger national platform, but that’s not Uggie’s fault.

            PEOPLE, Uggie’s people, the Hugo doberman’s people, Ryan Gosling’s dog’s people, and many more people, need to be talking about rescue dogs anyway. Right now Cosmo has the biggest platform of a rescue dog in show business, thanks to no doing of his own. he’s just a dog in a movie he didn’t know he was making.

            But I totally hear you. Cosmo is the current symbol of a cause you care deeply for, and that cause is greater than the individual dog, and Uggie’s amazingly well-trained and more popular performance could be an omen of repeated Eddie-level puppy farm terribleness (and boy I sure hope not!), and that in no way is Uggie’s own fault since he’s just a dog who likes treats. I just wanted to emphasize and absolutely agree with you that both dogs are adorable on a purely dog level, devoid of any sociopolitical meanings hung around their necks.

          • Sorry that was such a long, rambling, repetitive comment. I’m terrible at discussing issues, but great at talking about how much I like dogs!

          • Oh they’re both adorable and pitting them against each other is absolutely silly. I just like Cosmo more. Not just because he’s a symbol of one of the few things I honestly truly care about, but because of his face — look at his little face!! And because his character in Beginners reminds me a lot of my dog. (I have not seen his previous work in Paul Blart: Mall Cop, though I did enjoy his performance in Hotel For Dogs.)

            Here is a cute story about Cosmo and it comes with a video that shows Ewan McGregor kissing Cosmo, which is always fun.

          • Totally, badideajeans.
            Perusing the comments section of other posts, you obviously like Uggie too.

          • Thanks for that link about Cosmo! it was very informative (for instance- I didn’t know Cosmo’s trainer also trained Frasier’s Eddie!)! I already mentioned I don’t know much about Beginners, not having seen it yet, but yeah, Cosmo is a cutie!

          • I do! Actually I like all dogs… it’s very much my thing. Want to know why I was familiar with Cosmo’s other work? Because I rented Hotel For Dogs. And I liked it. Because it was about dogs! (And hotel management, which is a subject that Hollywood has been ignoring for way too long.)

          • You guys are making me sad! But not in the totally bad way?

            I just needed to say that in spite of how my earlier comments may come across, I don’t hate Uggie in the least. I thought he was very charming and dapper in The Artist. I simply connect more with Cosmo because of his face and his shagginess and his seemingly pensive nature. A lot of this of course is based on his character in Beginners, but come on, some things you just can’t fake. I just feel like he and I we would be great pals IRL.

          • Oh, and badideajeans, I’ve been meaning to say that I also love your dog’s face (I’m assuming). Is he part beagle? He looks a lot like this one beagle mix I know, who is possibly the sweetest, most calmly affectionate dog I’ve ever met.

          • He *is* a beagle mix! Beagle-lab, we think. He’s incredibly sweet, but not calm. Not calm in the least. Though, since he just turned 10, I sort of like that. The kid has a lot of moxie and and ample amount of sass. But he looks like a 6-month old lab puppy all the time. He’s literally the greatest.

    • Who just downvoted a reference to The Great Muppet Caper? Fuck you, Louis Simon.

  10. “I love you.”

    “I know.”

  11. Let us celebrate this partnership with the living in and/or eating of trash.

  12. How many times do I have to tell you, the dog is not allowed on the Grouch.

  13. Looks like Uggie finally got that Oscar

  14. “Weren’t you originally a lighter shade of gray?” -Uggie

  15. “So who are you shedding?”

  16. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  17. Andy Serkis’ time is now… PSSSYYYYYYCHE!!!

  18. “You holdin’?”

  19. Oscar hasn’t had this much action since the last time Maria visited his can.

  20. “i am totally tripping balls right now, you guys can see him, right?” – uggie

  21. I can’t wait until Dog TV sweeps the Emmys next year.

  22. “Holy shit, this dog knows tricks!”

    “Holy shit, this carpet talks!”

  23. “Hi Uggie. I’m here on behalf of the Cookie Monster, who wants to apologize for eating all of your biscuits…”

  24. U: “Shaking hands is actually the least amazing thing i can do.”

    O: “I can frown.”

    U: “Do they give you cheese for that?”

  25. Cue the Fox News story condemning inter-species relationships.

  26. The presenters of next year’s Oscars. Uggie to be voiced by Nick Nolte.

  27. I can tell just from this photo that they’d do a better job hosting the ceremony than Hathaway and Franco did.

  28. Because I am new to this site, I will permit myself to be a bit tawdry:

    Being a tad desperate for a win, Uggie was caught giving Oscar a “hand”.

  29. You know, spending time with a big green smelly trash can monster is still more pleasant than dinner with Martha Stewart.


  31. “I’m actually Gene Parmesan”–Oscar the Grouch.
    “I don’t understand English; I’m a dog”–Uggie the Dog.

  32. “Woof!”

  33. Black and white. Rink-a-dink piano music plays.

    Title card:


  34. “Operation: Kill all fucking humans violently in full effect!”

  35. Groucho Barks

  36. Welcome to the start of the next annoying Facebook Oscar host campaign.

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