There are definitely times when it’s more appropriate for your boyfriend to bust out his Morgan Freeman impersonation than others. It’s one thing when he does it at a party with all of your friends. That makes sense. You’re drinking and everyone’s getting a little silly and having fun and besides, who HASN’T heard his Morgan Freeman impression at this point? If anything, it would be a little weird if he didn’t do it. Some of his high school friends, when they’re in town, they actually request it. But when your parents came to visit you specifically asked him not to do it at dinner, but after a couple of glasses of wine–well, and you don’t even want to think about the look you saw on your mother’s face. It was this sad, but kind of gloating half-smirk, as if she knew ahead of time that your new boyfriend would do a Morgan Freeman impression over dessert. Even before your sister Rebecca married Doug, you could hear your mother thinking, he never did anything like this at dinner, AND he’s a doctor. Well Rebecca and Doug can go fuck themselves. They’re not perfect, mom. You’ll probably break up with your boyfriend before the summer, though. Summer’s a good time to meet new people.

That’s the one. (Via ViralVideos.)

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  1. You know if you say the words “My Cocaine” out loud, you are doing an impression of Michael Caine saying his own name.

    Now, record this, put it up on YouTube and become you own boyfriend/girlfriend/digital ouroboros.

  2. is it weird that i think it’s a pretty good impression? also did anyone else listen to the this american life the other week that featured the obama impersonator from the bronx? so good!

  3. If you close your eyes and listen to this guy, he does sound like Morgan Freeman. God love ‘im.

    • I had the window minimized, so I really just listened to the impression, and it was fine. He sounded more like Morgan Freeman than he didn’t.

      However, I deducted points because he’s reciting a famous Morgan Freeman monologue. That’s like reciting Christopher Walken’s Pulp Fiction monologue. Half the impression is already nailed as long as you remember the lines and the cadence in which it was delivered.

  4. Something’s a little off about this. I think it’s that Morgan Freeman has more freckles.

  5. My Grandpa’s a big Morgan Freeman fan, so I thought he might enjoy this video. I sent it to him in email, but he couldn’t figure out how to click the link. I sent it to him on Facebook, but he kept clicking “like” instead of “play.” I read him the web address over the phone, but he couldn’t hear me to good.

    You might say he’s too old for this bit.

  6. But can we dress this guy up? I think not!

    (P.S. Videogum Superfans: see if you can find anything interesting/noteworthy/unbelievably attractive about the author of this piece:

  7. Is this monologue from “Evan Almighty”?

  8. Despite our eternal love, it makes me uncomfortable when my boyfriend does his Morgan Freeman impression on his teenage granddaughter.

  9. Sometimes I think the only reason our boyfriend even wants to make a sex tape is so he has something new to narrate.

  10. I think her parents don’t approve of this because blackvoice is a very inappropriate, racist, and outdated form of theatre art.

  11. “Who does he… think he is? I… am…” —Morgan Freeman

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