When you’re a kid, it seems like every new experience and every fulfillment of a wish — no matter how simple — is a cause worth celebrating wildly, loudly, and out-of-handedly. Your mom lets you get some gum at the gas station even though she normally doesn’t? Completely happy meltdown IN the gas station, where you end up on the floor and your mom has to apologize to the gas station attendant with her eyes and hand motions. Your friend’s day hang-out turns into a sleepover after a lot of pleading? Completely happy meltdown, as if your friend was slated to die that night and now you have one more whole night to spend with them. WHAT A WONDERFUL LIFE! We all truly appreciated the little things, because the little things were all our dumb brains could comprehend. Now if our iPad 3s don’t work fast enough loading up all of our new Angry Birds characters (?) our lives are completely ruined. Where did we go wrong? How can we get that easy happiness back? I have no idea, but this young sports fan may know the answer.

BOOM! Self-poke in the eye? Doesn’t even matter. You know why? Because life is good and our team is winning, probably, and we might even get to eat a hotdog later. That’s why. (Thanks for the tip, Werttrew!)

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  1. The end of the url for this page is /cute-as-balls/ which really makes me think, Kelly, do you really find balls that cute or do you hate children?

  2. Like a champ! Get that kid another beer!

  3. That was pretty much me exactly during the Liverpool game on Sunday. Only instead of an actual poke in the eye with my finger, I metaphorically poked myself in the eye with a combination of too little breakfast and too much beer. #stillsohappy #lfc

  4. Um, I notice the red and white of these fans…surely this cannot be at a Polish game. That would be so wonderfully submarine-with-the-screen-door perfect.

  5. I hope this does for silent motivational films what the now classic “If You Believe In Yourself, You Will Know How To Ride A Bike!” did for talkies.


  6. Want to really feel like a moron? Accidentally bite your own tongue while chewing food. It’s happened to me before.

  7. I’m pretty sure that my indifference as an adult would have been a welcome change to last year my childhood. So many tantrums! And it took me to 33 18 to realize they don’t always work.

  8. My case was a little different. After much pleading, I still didn’t want to sleepover at his place again (I’d already been there all weekend) so he invited me into the garage where he promptly hit me in the face with a shoe.

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