Well, James Bates, I do think that we are all now ready to rock. Thanks, James Bates! This is our Tuesday, and it STARTS RIGHT NOWWW! (Via UniqueDaily.)

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  1. More like James Bates FAILS off Stool. LOLOLOLOLOL

    That’ll be it for me for the day, see you guys tomorrow.

  2. That was a difficult stool.

    SFX “Rimshot”

  3. Sarah O’Brien is a bitter spinster and she needs to leave poor Bates alone!

  4. That wasn’t quite a major blooper, but it was at least mid-major.

  5. “Well Mr Stool, you’ve had your way with me. I only hope you don’t come to regret it.”

  6. If you’ll forgive me for being a bit off color, his insistence of ignoring the obvious blooper reminds me of a rather famous XTube video. Normal video of a guy in his computer chair (nice use of the word “normal,” DSN), but right as he reaches the, um, crescendo, he falls off the chair. But he keeps on going, still making eyes at the camera while, er, finishing up.

    Cool story bro.

  7. Yet another sign of the impending Ikea apocalypse. I, for one, welcome the takeover of our planet by our Swedish overlords.

  8. I once had to perform a burlesque number with a group and we danced on chairs (sexy!). (The clothes stayed on in case you were wondering and you weren’t). While dancing on the chair, mine broke and I fell right on my ass (not sexy!) I was super embarrassed and really glad that no one was filming. That being said, I laughed really hard when he fell.

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