• Bryan Cranston wore Breaking Bad sneakers to the Independent Spirit Awards because Bryan Cranston is the best. I can’t believe how long it is until Breaking Bad comes on again! You guys! It’s not going to be on for such a long time, and then it’s going to be gone forever! -BuzzFeed
  • Oh, you want more stuff from the Independent Spirit Awards? Well you’re in luck! Here’s who won at them, and also here is a video of Seth Rogan’s Independent Spirit Awards Speech That He Gave. Did you win your ISA pool? -FilmDrunk
  • We’ve already talked about the Academy Awards so much more than I ever want to, but we didn’t talk about the DRESSES yet! WHO WORE IT BEST? My favorite dress was Jessica Chastain‘s Alexander McQueen dress. She looked so nice! Which was your favorite?!?!?! -Dlisted
  • Oh and, did you see when the Dean did the Angelina Jolie pose? With her leg out? Well here it is for you to see! Ugh, I could not believe that leg. Have some self respect, Angelina Jolie. -TheDailyWhat
  • Hey guys, remember when Spencer Pratt was all about crystals? Hahahah. Ugh. That ruled. So anyway, have you guys been accessing your crystal power yet? You should be! If you’re not, you should be. -TWBE
  • Did you guys watch Jimmy Kimmel after the Academy Awards last night? I kind of meant to but then I forgot and then I hate to take an Angry Sleep for the night. BUT! Here’s a thing from it! Movie: The Movie! Watch it! -Uproxx
  • Holy moly, I know this isn’t totally within the Videogum wheelhouse, but I saw this and wanted to share this with you. I also am aware that the PS22 Chorus is definitely old news, but please watch their cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know”! It’s so good!!!! You will like it if you have ears!!! -RatsOff
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  1. Has everyone already seen this?

    • Oh Angelina. I am not sure if I think it is charming or superawkward or both.

    • LOLZ I love photoshop and the internet. They’re like, the perfect couple.

    • I think she’s hiding a kid under there.

      OK, actually, the fact that she struck that half-sexy, half-ridiculous (or “sexdiculous” as I’ll call it from now on) leg-flash pose, first on the red carpet in front of all the cameras, THEN took it up on stage and did it again, stood out for me, and caused this thought to be hammer-forged in the Isengard-like fires of my mind: maybe, just maybe, she’s got a sense of humor???

      Also, IMO, she could stand to make love to some cheeseburgers. I thought she looked a little unhealthily skinny up on stage.

  2. Yay for dresses! I really liked Michelle WIlliams and Milla Jovovich. And whatever Tilda Swinton was wearing last night, wherever she was. That was probably the best of everything.

    • Reports are sketchy, but apparently Tilda was wearing stitched-together bear hides before she boarded a griffin en route to Asgard.

      • I heard she stalked, killed, cleaned and dressed the bears herself! Then she used the ligaments to sew the hides together and made jerky from the meat and used that to put the police dogs off the trail.

        My intel has her jumping on the back of a BMW motorcycle with Fassbender as they meet James McAvoy in an undisclosed location… primarily to drink scotch and play Risk.

        • I hear Tilda then proceeded to build up her armies in Australia and bided her time while James and Michael weakened their forces battling against each other in Europe and Asia. Then she struck.

        • You guys know just how to cheer me up!

          • Honestly, I think you had a really good point earlier — Swanson, Fassbender, McAvoy, Oswald (or anyone else that got passed over) — seriously dodged a bullet by not getting nominated, getting MORE attention for NOT getting the nod, and then got to spend the rest of their night with friends doing whatever (obviously drinking scotch and plotting in Tilda’s case) instead of sitting through that AWFUL AWFUL show with a fake smile.

          • Indeed!

            For future reference, it’s OswalT, not to be confused with the spelling of Lee Harvey’s surname.

        • They invited Ryan Gosling, but he just said “No”.

  3. OK here would have been the perfect Oscars: the parade of dresses, followed by the trailer for Movie:the Movie, and close with a crawl of the winners. Fin.

  4. Jessica Chastain and Octavia Spencer had the best dresses by far.

  5. I agree, Jessica Chastain looked amazing I thought Octavia Spencer’s dress was super flattering, too. Emma Stone was STUNNING in that red. And I’ve already said this on one thread today, but Ellie Kemper (Erin from the Office) was sooooo pretty in her copper-fire dress! All around red carpet successes for The Help and Bridesmaids crews! I also thought Cameron Diaz looked particularly gorgeous with her new haircut and that gown. Michelle Williams was beautiful, but I hated the brooch.

  6. You know, I want to hate what Gwyneth was wearing, because she is the worst, but she managed to make that cape thing look like the best.

    When capes show up in the prom section of JC Penney, and impressionable girls buy them, we should all remember how truly awful Gwyneth is for starting that stupid cape trend.

    • The cape was great. I wish I could so nonchalantly wear a cape! Well played, goop.

      (also, it reminded me of Gandalf and Gandalf is the best. Yay!)

      • I liked the cape more than I liked the dress. I liked the dress a lot at first, but the more I noticed about it, the less I liked it — part of the cut of the shoulders was weird. But add the cape? She looked like a Bond villain or a Bond villain’s hot girlfriend.

        Also the fabric looked heavy and very polyester 70s in the way that cute vintage dresses are itchy and uncomfortable. I am sure her dress is made from the finest silks and wools, but anything I’d go near with my jam hands that would be the knock-off of that will be 100 percent made from an old couch.

    • I wonder if Gwyn will regale us with her Oscar tale again this year in a special edition of Goop, replete with details of her stay in a 5 star hotel suite and how the cape had its own bodyguards.

  7. See! This is why it is so wrong! We all see it and thing, “Oh, I’d like to wear a cape” and then we do and twenty years later our children will find photos of us and it will be acid washed jeans regret all over again.

  8. I wish that Gotye song had won all the Oscars. That is just a perfect song.

  9. I know this is late in the day, so it probably won’t be as read, but Seth Rogen’s speech was kind of bullshit. And people that herald him any sort of protector of women’s anything is misguided. He’s the same person who thinks that date rape is not rape, and is also very funny. Also, The Academy Awards has brought back time and again spousal abusers/horrible people: Sean Penn, Mark Wahlberg, Roman Polanski (nom’d/not there obvs), Michael Fassbender, Josh Brolin.

    So don’t try to tell me that the film industry isn’t the same morally bankrupt masturbatory money mill that all of the other major Hollywood institutions are.

    • Saying that Seth Rogan thinks date rape is not rape is a little misleading, Just Desserts. In the context of the article you linked to, Seth Rogan is only talking about how they attempted to make date rape funny in the context of the dark comedy Observe and Report, WRITTEN by Jody Hill, not Rogan. Whether or not they succeeded is a matter of opinion.

      As for Seth’s Chris Brown joke, none of the other celebrities you mentioned jumped around a stage less than a month ago with one of their victims, which was just about the grossest thing ever to witness.

      • I’m not absolving Chris Brown of anything. I’m hardly a #TeamBreezy teenager. I just think that Seth Rogen’s, and ostensibly many of those who ascribe to this view that they are really taking a stand for anything by making a Chris Brown joke, are wrong. They aren’t. They still look the other way. And I still think Seth Rogen is gross for that “explanation”. Sorry. And just to clarify, Rihanna didn’t perform with Chris Brown at the Grammys. They later worked together on some songs, but the Grammys had nothing to do with that.

        • Whoops! I definitely got my facts wrong on the Chris Brown/Rihanna business. I don’t keep up on their news if I can help it, but I heard about the tracks they released and I think the screenshot accompanying the news blip was of the two of them performing together, so my mind made that leap to “Oh this must have just happened, and that’s disgusting.” Doing a quick search just now, it appears they may reunite on American Idol, so thank god for that.

          I don’t see any reason for you to apologize for thinking Seth Rogan is gross for giving that explanation. If anything, he should’ve referred the interviewer to Jody Hill to explain what that joke was about. He wasn’t condoning date rape though, nor did he say date rape is not rape. He was asked to explain a joke (which is usually a joke’s death sentence), and then he came off gross. Oh well.

          Similarly, Seth Rogan at the ISAwards wasn’t delivering a sermon, he was telling jokes. I don’t think anyone was seriously like, “Yeah, the Grammys are terrible! We’re so much better.” They were probably like, “Chris Brown is terrible.” Which is true.

  10. I’m digging Seth Rogan’s ISA speech. This bit about The Artist tickled me.

    “‘The Artist’ is fucking winning every single award on Earth, huh? How’s that happening? Seriously! I think it’s kind of bullshit, to be totally honest. I thought we created the whole Foreign Film category to stop this shit from happening! Let them fight it out amongst themselves! Did we learn nothing from Roberto Benigni?! NOTHING? We can’t compete with them! They display a level of angst we’re too fat to display!”

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