The winner of a $100 gift card to the movie theater of his or her choosing is: LANUTSBOOK1! Contact us with your information, LANuts! And the loser, taking a wonderful TMZ tour of Hollywood, CA, is GABE DELAHAYE! Have a wonderful time, Gabe Delahaye! We can’t wait to hear about it!

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  1. Gar, lost by 1. And to think of all the obviously crappy movies that I would never go to see if I had to pay with my own money but that I would have seen IMMEDIATELY if Videogum paid.

  2. wheres the walking dead re cap at? I want to read it

  3. Can anyone post the amount of right and wrong Lanutsbook1, Gabe and Kelly got- Not category by category, but just the numbers?

  4. Congrats to the winners and special thanks to Gabe for LOSING because I am so excited to see his happy face on the TMZ tour.

    Now we just need to take bets on if Gabe will be more or less happy than in this photo?

  5. I used to get stuck behind those buses ALL THE TIME. One day, when my best friend was visiting, we got stuck behind one for like 3 hours and decided to make up our own sex scandals and murders and famous peoples’ hoses and it was very entertaining.

    Bring sunscreen, Gabe. And wear a lot of it… though I’m quite sure the old ladies on the bus will have some too.

  6. 19 out of 24??? That’s amazing.

    Also amazing is the amount of work put in by whoever had to tally our entries!

    Great job!!

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