This week’s episode begins “in media res,” which is a Latin phrase that means “surrounded by zombies.” Grimes and Shane are covered in blood. That kid who Hand That Rocked the Cradle’d his leg last week is crawling on the ground towards a knife. I think that we’re supposed to be excited and confused? Like, “Oh, how did this happen?” But it’s not that exciting or confusing. For one thing, we know that they’re going to explain what happened in the next 10 minutes or whatever. It’s going to be a “mystery” for all of two seconds. And secondly, OF COURSE they are surrounded by zombies. Like, the weird thing on this show is how often they AREN’T surrounded by zombies. Considering that the world is just riddled with zombies, these guys spend an incredible amount of time surrounded by zero zombies whatsoever. Anyway, Grimes runs around. The kid is crawling for his knife. Shane runs in a school bus and traps himself in a school bus and the school bus is surrounded by zombies. Oh no! How will Shane get out of this one?! Well, the only thing we can know at this point is that he will definitely get out of this one. One of the main problems with this show besides the writing, wrinkled brows, Carl, and lack of actual zombies is the completely empty nature of the dramatic narrative moments because no one on this show ever actually dies unless they’re a side character that was just introduced for the sole purpose of dying. (See: Sophia. See: Otis. See: two dudes in a bar.) How will they get out of the thing we’re not even sure how they got into yet?! Let’s do the zombie numbers:

Shane and Grimes are in the car. ROAD TRIIIIIIP! Grimes pulls over. Shane is like “I thought we were going further.” We are, Grimes says. 18 miles out. What? 18 miles out? Is that a thing? “The safest distance between two points is 18 miles out.” Grimes explains that they need to talk. Shane says they don’t need to talk, he understands that they’re going to drive the kid out and leave him somewhere, it’s been decided. Haha. On the one hand, thank you, Shane, for explaining to us what you were just in the middle of doing. On the other hand, who answers “we need to talk” with some boring explanation of what they were just doing. “We need to talk.” “No we don’t, I understand that we’re going to the grocery store and then you’re going to catch up on some reading while I go to the gym. We are a couple and we live together in a one bedroom apartment and whoever cooks dinner the other person washes dishes. We don’t need to talk ever!” No, Grimes explains. He doesn’t want to talk about what they’re doing. He wants to talk about how Shane killed Otis and how he thinks he loves Lori but he doesn’t love Lori and how Grimes can keep Lori and Carl safe because he’s willing to do whatever it takes. He then says that the only way for him and Shane to keep surviving together is for Shane to accept everything that he just said. Huh. Good talk. Just a real two-way conversation this talk. Not a condescending, defensive lecture at all! Totally a talk. Shane tells his old Steven Spielberg’s Academy Award Nominated War Horse story about trying to get Grimes out of the hospital. Enough with that story, Shane. Everyone knows that story already. It’s also a pretty ineffective way of distracting a dude from the part where you fucked his wife. “There were soldiers, everything was so crazy, the world collapsed around us and there was nothing TO do but take your wife from behind in the woods. For Carl’s sake.” Shane!

Grimes wants to “check the ropes.” They have the kid hog tied in the trunk with ear buds in his ears blasting terrible music and an Abu Grahib hood over his head. “Couldn’t you have at least sprung for a subscription Pandora account?” the kid asks. “They keep playing the same GE Green Team ad over and over.” Grimes tells the kid to shut up. Why did he need to check the ropes? The kid is locked in a trunk. Even if he got the ropes undone he would still be so trapped inside of a car trunk it would be nuts. Also, why are his legs tied? Didn’t they cut one of his legs off with a bowie knife? Forget it, Shane, it’s zombie legs town.

Back in the car, Shane is staring out the window like a grumpy teenager on a family vacation, and I don’t blame him. Grimes won’t shut up! Blah blah blah. “My friend’s girlfriend is a birthday cake from Georgia Tech so I hope the winter is a Lord of the Rings.” Something like that. He hopes that a rough winter will kill all the zombies. Fingers crossed. But then he goes on to say that maybe they’ll find some snowmobiles. Grimes! WHAT ARE YOU EVEN TALKING ABOUT ANYMORE?! Shane just stares out the window at a zombie crossing a field. “Lori Shane,” Shane writes on his jeans in marker. “Lori Shane. Lori Shane. Lori Shane.”

Meanwhile, back at the farm house, hell is other zombies with nausea or whatever. That girl who passed out last week is now having an existential crisis and wants to kill herself. Good. Let her. She is going to do it with a steak knife? Perfect. Lori takes the knife away and gets the girl in trouble with Maggie. Andrea tells Lori that she should let the girl make her own decisions. Lori tells Andrea that she should do laundry. There’s actually a very weird scene in which Lori and Andrea have a not-so-coded debate about the continuation of standard gender norms in a post-Apocalyptic nightmare, although not even, because it IS still 2012, right? We don’t all think that women should just leave all of the hunting and gathering to men and the women will do the warshin’ up? Just Lori. Because Lori DEFINITELY thinks that. “The men don’t need your help keeping us safe,” Lori says. Eek! Lori! You have always been the worst, but now you’re the worst in a new way! Upstairs, the girl explains to Maggie that not only does she plan on killing herself, but she wants Maggie to kill herself too, and for them to kill themselves together. AHAHHAHAHAHA. Do it! Do it, Maggie! Do it! That is the best. How often do you think that works? “Don’t kill yourself, please, I love you and don’t want you to die.” “Oh, not only am I going to do it, but you’re coming with me.” “In that case, let me change my dress.”

Andrea goes upstairs and promises to keep an eye on the girl who wants to kill herself. Thanks, Andrea! So nice of you. OH NO, WAIT! Andrea has a point about how the girl should be allowed to kill herself if she wants to, but there’s a big difference between thinking that someone should be able to make their own decisions and going into the room and pushing suicide on someone. Take it easy, Andrea. Give your eyes a rest.

Shane notices that the odometer has passed 18 miles. What is this 18 miles business?! It has to be 18 miles on the dot? Every hour they have to drive 18 miles on the nose or the island will explode and a time cave. Grimes explains that he is looking for a spot where the kid will stand a chance. Sure. I mean, you are driving through a zombie wasteland and the world is over and everyone’s lifespan is steadily shrinking by the minute, but you’re definitely going to give the kid with the shredded leg that you have HOG TIED IN THE TRUNK an amazing CHANCE at the 19.3 mile mark. Grimes pulls up to a Public Works facility. “This will do,” he says.

Will it? Based on what information? There is a zombie in a rent-a-cop uniform approaching them, and Shane is about to shoot it when Grimes says they should use their knifes. He cuts his finger open and rubs blood on the fence and when the zombie licks the blood off the fence he stabs the zombie in the head with his knife. Uh. I mean, yes, save ammunition and don’t make so much noise all the time, but you also live in a world without doctors and a very limited amount of hard-to-reach medical supplies so maybe don’t go carving into your body with a dirty knife and rubbing the open wound all over zombie-infested rust metal? That’s Grimes’s big strategy?

There is another rent-a-zombie and he tells Shane it’s his turn. Later they will drag the zombies to a place on the grass and lay them down together for some reason. (The reason is so that Grimes will be allowed to see them lying side by side and be reminded of how there used to be a time when him and Shane would wear their uniforms and lie down in the grass together and talk about what animals the clouds looked like. But there’s no other purpose for it.) One of the best uses of your time and energy in a zombie Apocalypse is to move the dead zombies around a lot. Put them here and put them there. It’s important to do so just do it. Shane will point out that he doesn’t see any bites. Grimes will say that they must have zombie scratches. Must be scratches, I guess, Shane agrees. OK, so it’s scratches. Everyone agrees it’s scratches. Let’s not worry about it anymore, I’m sure it’s just scratches.

They’re about to leave the tied up boy in the parking lot when he starts begging for them to save him and says that he is friends with Maggie. Uh oh! So, after all of their arguing and driving 18.7 miles and finding the perfect spot, it turns out the dude knew where the farm was the whole time? LOL. That’s a classic LOL. Good work, boneheads! Shane shoots the kid in the face, but Grimes shouts NO and shoves the bullet into the dirt. He says he needs a night to sleep on it. For what? I mean, either you shoot the boy or you take your chances and leave him here, but what is there to sleep on? You’re going to wake up, have a glass of orange juice, and THEN shoot him? Shane and Grimes argue, of course. Every Day I’m Arguin’.

Grimes says that it’s not Shane’s call. Why not though? Who undied and made Grimes the boss every step of the way? He says that Shane has to follow his lead on this one. Again: does he? Why does he? Shane says Grimes was right the first time, Shane doesn’t think he can keep Lori and Carl safe. So Grimes tries to punch him. Poor Grimes. Kind of showing your hand here, Grimes. Maybe you CAN’T keep Lori and Carl safe? It’s like Shane called Grimes gay when Grimes was definitely a self-loathing, closeted homosexual. “If I’m gay, then why would I punch you for calling me gay?” Shane catches Grimes punch and head butts him. And then the men proceed to have sex for five minutes. Seriously, the amount of grunting is hilarious. So much grunting! Boys! Stop fucking for a second! The boy is going to get the knife! Fight fight fight. Fuck fuck fuck. At one point, after they’ve been fighting forever, Shane says “get off me, man!” which is a very funny thing to say to someone who is trying to kill you and has been for the past five minutes. “Get off me, man.” Oh, sorry. I didn’t realize that you DIDN’T want me to sit on our chest and punch you in the face. Shane drops a motorcycle on Grimes.

Haaaa. Then he throws a tire iron at Grimes and it goes through the window and THAT is what wakes up all the zombies. Here they come! It’s the zombies from the beginning of the episode. HI ZOMBIE PALS!

A bunch of zombie stuff happens. Grimes hides under a zombie. The boy calls a zombie a bitch. (Uh!) Shane runs into the school bus. Grimes shoots a zombie THROUGH another zombie’s face. For a second it looks like Grimes is going to leave Shane for dead. It’s just like when he told Shane he could have left Otis for dead! Shane acts surprised even though he shouldn’t be surprised but also it doesn’t matter because obviously Grimes is going to come back for him in a second because he’s Grimes and this show is completely devoid of surprises. Shane cuts his hand open big time, like, way more than he needs to, and rubs the blood on the school bus door so that he can stab the zombies in the head, which doesn’t make much sense because those zombies were already trying super hard to get through that door. Not really sure what the blood is doing for Shane in this situation and now he’s got a big old cut on his hand. Also this:

Thanks, The Walking Dead, for that.

Back at the farm house, the girl who wanted to kill herself tries to kill herself with a mirror and everyone’s mad at Andrea except for Andrea who is VERY proud of herself and talks about how the girl “made her choice.” Snore. I wish I could make MY choice and never watch this show again. Maggie tells Andrea that she’s never allowed in the house again. Haha. OK, Maggie. OK, Andrea. OK, Lori.

So Grimes sees the two cop zombies and is like “Wait! I used to be a cop with my friend Shane! I can’t leave him for dead!” Which would make sense if he was anyone other than Grimes, who has spent every single episode of this show going out to try and save anyone who might not even need saving and might just be trying to have a quiet drink alone at a bar. Based on everything we know about his character, he never would have left Shane in the first place, but OK, here he comes to rescue Shane. They drive over zombies and Shane jumps out of the bus and the kid yells “yee-hah!” and they crush a zombie face with the car tire. Once they’re out on the open road, they pull over and hog tie the kid again, which how does that work? The kid was completely untied AND driving the car. They must have pointed a gun in his face and made him lie prone in the road and allow them to hog tie him and put the earbuds in his hear and the hood over his head even though he already knows where the farm is. I guess they just didn’t show that scene because THAT’S A HORRIBLE THING TO DO TO A PERSON. Grimes says he still needs a night to think about it, even though they’ll probably have to kill the kid in the morning. What? I still am confused about what kind of thinking Grimes expects to get done. Then he says that Shane has to follow his lead on these things. Once more, he says this without explanation. There is no reason this is true, which is probably why he doesn’t give a reason. Then he gives Shane a gun. Then they get back in the car. Shane looks out the window again. There’s that same old zombie. This trip sucks. Shane hates you, dad.

And once again, as with almost every episode of this show, we end exactly where we began. The plot has not even inched forward. It runs shuffles in place.

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  1. when are they just going to break down and do a shaun of the dead “zombie walk?” how goddamn easy is it to fake out the zombies on this show!

  2. I have not been watching this show this season, but honestly? If I am ever in a post apocalyptic zombie situation, doing my own laundry is going to be pretty much at the bottom of my to-do list, let alone thinking about any other sucker’s laundry.

    What I am saying, I guess, is that Lori continues to be the worst and maybe if she is so worried about laundry she should go do her own and let everyone else be smelly if they so desire. It’s the apocalypse, jump into the apocalypse.

    • Good point. Like you, I am also certain that “laundry duty” would not be on my zombie bucket list.

      And ewww to Lori, and the whole “Let the men do the shootin’ and get back in the kitchen/laundry room/woods to service the men who like it doggy-style in the trees.” thing.

      Lori, maybe the Mad Men housewife ideologies crossed the AMC universe to infiltrate your brain, or maybe you drank to much zombie well water. You know what? Maybe just hang in your tent until Rick gets back.

      • Also, what, are the guys constantly gone trying to save people to kill in later episodes? Last I saw, not a lot of zombies anywheres near that farm. I think the boys can warsh their own dang clothes. Lori’s chicks need to be a cookin’ and a warshin’ speech epoxied my formerly cemented hatred of her.

        This show feeds my hatred of it. I am a mindless hatred zombie.

      • I agree, but also remember that Andrea is the idiot who shot Daryl in the head, so maybe not the best for the perimeter watch.

        Although with her at the helm, maybe we’ll get lucky and she’ll shoot Lori in the face next.

  3. I haven’t been watching the show because it is not available to me through regular internet means, so these recaps are how I’m keeping up with it.

    With that in mind, I do have a seri-ish question: Were they trying to allude to something with those dead security guys not having any bites on them? Was that supposed to be a zombie origin clue? Like, “These guys weren’t bitten but are zombies anyway! How did that happen?” K Thx Bye

    • yeah i think we’re gonna find out in 3-5 seasons that they didn’t get bit or scratched and that they got zombied some other way which will probably have something to do with what CDC dude whispered in grimes’ ear at the end of last season.

      • but don’t actually worry about remembering that because i’m sure lori will drill it into the ground by talking about it so much once they figure it out.

        • True that. I asked because there are established ways to become a zombie in zombie tales, and rightly so. But I don’t know how much the characters on the show know, or even what the writers of the show know, or what they think the audience knows or doesn’t know, so this plot point is weird.

          If what is established as to what the characters know about zombies is that when you are bit and die then you become a zombie, then is this supposed to be the first clue for the characters to figure out that no matter how you die, infected or not, your body zombifies? And if that’s the case, 1) that is very uninteresting, and 2) how did those two guys die? They weren’t old, and they had no wounds. Did they take poison?

          Lori, figure this shit out already!

          • In the very fine film, Return of the Living Dead, it starts with gas leaking out the cannisters that they put the old zombies in. Maybe this is al allusion to the same sort of thing?

      • I think it would be great if not only could you get it the from scratches or bites, but also through intercourse. Andrea gets zombified and everyone checks into Herschel’s veterinary clinic aka the barn to get tested. STunDead.

      • The truth will be that they are all infected and even when you die of natural causes (like say those two cops gassed themselves in a car), you will zombify.

        This show seemed so cutting edge last year. Willing to kill any character and moving quickly, while being in constant danger.

        This year no one significant dies, the plot has gone nowhere all year and the danger factor is boring. With the exception of the zombie swarm in episode 1 of season two, has there been a single moment in which you felt anyone was in danger? No!

        This show has become As The Zombie World Turns…. A boring soap opera

    • If they weren’t alluding to anything then it was kind of a weird waste of time.

    • I’ve been wondering about the zombie rules of this show (ha) too. In the beginning of this season, they were on the highway full of abandoned cars and there were non-zombie dead bodies sitting in them, so by that logic the zombie virus isn’t some airborne, everyone-that-dies-becomes-a-zombie thing (I guess). Maybe the non-bitten can just turn into zombies by some other means, like lasers or wishing really hard.

    • are they going to bring up the 3day fever that kills you and on the fourth day you’re a zombie from the pilot?
      what ever happened to getting a fever?

    • I thought they might be alluding to something, but then after they said it must be scratches, Rick pointed out that one had a scratch on his hand and the other had a scratch on his cheek. So it might just be a(nother) weird little scene that goes nowhere, like the zombie arm falling off the truck a couple weeks ago.

  4. We need to do whatever we need to do to survive, so that we can stand around and argue about our feelings for another day.

  5. We were never given a proper explanation as to why everyone all of a sudden KNOWS WITHOUT A DOUBT that Shane killed Otis, right?

    Even though Shane’s simple, straighfoward “Otis didn’t make it” story is VERY believable?

    • I am so pleased that someone else is bothered by the whole “We don’t really know for sure what happened with Otis but we’re going to go ahead and KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT that Shane killed him because that old guy with the hat says so,” story-line.

      Like, how did we go from “I think Shane isn’t telling us the whole story even though none of us were there and we have no proof” to the definitive “We totally know you killed Otis, (oh, and also, we think you are bad and we have decided to hate you)” line of thinking?

      And why didn’t Shane just say “Nuh-uh! No I didn’t!” Who’s gonna argue with Shane on an event only Shane and Otis were present for: Otis? Nope; he dead! He. Dead.

      Ugh, this show.

      I want this show to end, and I want a spin-off starring Daryl and T-Dog. They are the only ones that I don’t want to see die at the hands (mouths?) of zombies. They can be the Felix Ungar and Oscar Madison of the post-apocalyptic zombie world!

  6. This episode is a little more enjoyable than most, because there is no Carl, no Sophia’s mom, and no beard face. Watch it and pretend that they are dead!

  7. I am so sick of this show. The story is painfully slow. Instead of a double wedding they should have two zombies eating Lori and Andrea’s faces mid-argument. That would cheer me up a little. I’m surprised the characters themselves haven’t died of boredom and reanimated yet. Unless they did which would explain why this season reeks.

  8. “OK, they crash onto the island. Then, for the next six seasons they just sit on the beach talking about how weird the island is.” -Walking Dead staff pitching LOST

  9. Straight up, if Andrea dies then this show improves by 20%

  10. I actually kind of enjoyed this episode despite its flaws but I still prefer the re caps. Rad re caps. I might start up a “kick starter” to finance the purchase of a thank you card to send in the mail.

  11. This show is giving me nightmares. I woke up in a cold sweat last night, after dreaming I was locked in Herschel’s kitchen with Lori and Andrea.
    Also – pretty nice to have a completely Carl-free episode. And Dale-free. And Glenn. Wait – is there anyone I like in this show?

    • “Darl”-free episode

      • Why do you keep calling him “Darl”?

        • It was a speling mistake from last season; someone referred to him by accident as “Darl”, and it was then deemed (by me and one or two others, so basically ALL OF US GROUP DECISION BINDING TREATY) that “Darl” was a far more appropriate name, given how much we mutually loathed Carl..errr..”Darl”. And it’s in quotations because Steve Winwood has a thing where he writes “Carl” with quotations, so naturally the same thing happened with “Darl”. Feel free to join in, it’s what all the kids are doing.

          • Partial credit! The name in quotes comes from this photo:

            Note that the random crap on the cake makes it appear that Carl’s name is in quotes. That’s where it all started!

  12. Can we talk about how the two zombie security guards were living in buses for a while but it turned out the building next to them was just full of zombies?

  13. I am so fucking excited that, based on the preview of next week’s episode, this show is setting itself up for another 192384923 arguments about “what should we do about what’s in the barn?? Kill it? Set it free? Cure it and teach it human kindness?? So many interesting philosophical arguments!!” Not. I hate to hate on things but I’m really only watching Walking Dead episodes to read the Videogum recaps at this point.

  14. And why did the kid inch-crawl to the knife? Wouldn’t rolling have been like A MILLION times faster?

    And that saran-wrap thin window was the only thing keeping 184 zombies from frolicking around? What?

    • The zombies were all lying down and sleeping, I guess, just waiting for someone to break that window so they could pop up and then tumble out of the window. As opposed to that other zombie walking slowly in the field that Shane notices when he and Grimes drive past (we really needed to see that twice? is it supposed to be some kind of symbolism?) and EVERY OTHER ZOMBIE IN THIS SHOW SO FAR.

  15. is this season all just bottle episodes where nothing happens and they talk about feelings and its really just an excuse to show more zombies heads getting smashed open like melons?

    but more importantly, bob’s burgers was back last night, so that was exciting

  16. For the Love of God! Is there no mercy? When will the horror end!?!

    From AMC’s The Walking Dead blog page:

    “AMC announced today from the Television Critics Association (TCA) Press Tour in Pasadena, CA that the third season of The Walking Dead will consist of 16 episodes.”

    Several million of my brain cells immediately committed preemptive suicide at the prospect of being forced to process sixteen more hours of mindless, brain-dead, repulsive freaks wandering pointlessly through a world devoid of wit, charm or meaning…and then there are the zombies…

    • no one is forcing you to watch that show. yeesh. get a grip, go soak your head and enjoy the day

      • No one is forcing Gabe to watch the show, either, Steve, or, for that matter, any of the other people who post comments here.

        If you’re such a huge admirer of the program, you’d probably be happier reading comments in some AMC fan forum.

  17. I vowed last week I would not watch this show anymore and today I am strangely pleased by the frustrations of those who watched yesterday.

    Remember how on Breaking Bad, Walt & Jesse got into a fight and it was so painful to watch two of your favorite characters fighting one another? And then remember on The Walking Dead when Shane & Grimes fought and everyone was bored? Oh The Walking Dead, you are like an inept younger sibling to Breaking Bad’s valedictorian. And yet. And yet, you are so so much more popular. Go figure.

  18. Did anyone notice how the hog tied kid, who basically had his leg ripped in half, was good to go when a zombie came along? Like shredding your achillies and calf is just like ripping off a band-aid. I can buy if someone has a twisted ankle they can muster up some strength if their life is threatened but come on.

    Also, I still haven’t figured out why the zombies can’t find this farm. I “understand” there is some swamp that collects them but isn’t there a road they keep driving up and down? BTW, anyone think they are going to bring back the guy that saved Grimes life in the first episode?

    Not sure which is worse, the wasted potential in this show or the fact that I watch every week. I like to think it’s a little of both…

  19. Haha my boyfriend was actually “excited and confused” at the beginning of the episode. I guess the writers did expect some people to think “What’s going on? How did this happen?”, because he was one of them. I looked at him and was like “They’ll explain it in 2 seconds calm down!” Haha, it’s hard to be so cynical of this show when by bf thinks it’s so outrageously good. Poor guy.

    I really hated how they did the beginning of the episode, it totally ruined it when they eventually showed it play out. It would’ve actually been a good scene if they hadn’t done the foreshadowing. When Shane broke the window and the zombies started to appear, that would’ve been real creepy and a bit unexpected if they hadn’t ruined it.

    Ugh and Lori is for sure the worst now. I thought Andrea was being ridiculous when she said Lori should’ve let the girl keep the knife…and then Lori comes out with complaints about DOING DISHES, LAUNDRY, AND COOKING IN A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE?!?! Is this suposed to be a serious conversation?! Is anyone supposed to agree with Lori? Because I’m pretty sure that made her completely unlikeable and insane.

    One scene I did like however, was the one of the lone zombie just walking through the field. That was just really eerie I thought.


  21. My favorite part of this episode was the argument between Lori and Andrea that was basically,

    “I’M the worst!”
    “No, you’re wrong: I’M THE WORST”
    “No way – I am”
    “I’m AWFUL!!!”
    “Not as awful as me!!”

    I was really hoping TWD would morph into a different kind of disaster film and a meteor would take them both out. Maybe next week.

  22. I gotta say I’m a little bit surprised everyone is so mad a Laurie for giving Andrea shit for not doing shit. I understand the whole, “The men don’t need you” being annoying. But really, it’s not (at least to me) a matter of “women’s work” and “men’s work” so much as work. Andrea has been just sitting on her arse on the RV. She isn’t worth a shit as a lookout. All she’s done is shoot one of their own people ’cause she was so jazzed to show she was one of the guys. Somebody’s gotta skin the chickens and wash the clothes. The dudes should be pitching in on that too (I’m looking at you Dale!) but at least they’re going off on dipshit missions and not sitting on their asses all day. I’m not sure about Dale and T-Dog though, what have they been doing to help out?

  23. Thanks for continuing to watch this garbage so I don’t have to, Gabe. I’m compelled to stay in the loop even though the show is so bad and forgettable that I even manage to forget your incredible recaps.

    If Grimes and Shayne actually fucked I would definitely start watching again.

  24. Guy yelling DON’T LEAVE ME DON’T LEAVE ME BLA BLA I for 5 minutes 50 feet from the window does not get the attention of the zombies

    Shooting your gun 50 feet from the window does not get the attention of the zombies

    Having a fight and screaming at each other RIGHT OUTSIDE THE WINDOW does not get the attention of the zombies



  25. The worst part of this show is the fact that all of the characters are awful, one dimensional, and totally predictable.

    Also, Gabe, you didn’t notice that when the previously hog-tied kid is driving the car, Grimes took the time and effort to duck tape his neck to the head rest of the car seat. Excellent.

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