What? It’s a textbook that features a screencap from Raising Arizona? If anything this is TOO serious for most students. “Boo! Homework sucks!” There are so many things that are obviously hilarious about this, but it also raises a lot of interesting questions. Like, first of all, WHAT? What is going on here? What is this a textbook for? Being in a family? In a rose garden? Chemistry? And, like, OK, you would never see this in America but of course foreigners are crazy, but are they THAT crazy? Like, no matter what, someone still had to find a photograph from Raising Arizona and cut it out with scissors and glue it to a photo of roses to put on the cover of a BOOK for SCHOOL. And then the publisher was like, “This is perfect. We have made a real textbook. Print them all.” Very curious! Mike Daisy should do a This American Life piece about this. I need a textbook just to learn about what is going on with this textbook! (Via KnowYourMeme.)

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  1. Pretty sure it’s a spelling book:

  2. That’s really weird. It’s a textbook, it should have Yodas and shit on it.

  3. If Jim has 12 not the bees oh god not the bees and Sally has 13 not the bees oh god not the bees, how many not the bees oh god not the bees do they have between them?

  4. This is a textbook case of copyright infringement.

  5. Serbia actually sent a copy to Nic Cage for his approval but he thought it was a screenplay and said yes.

  6. I translated the title: “In Serbian Textbook, Arizona Raises You” (?????)

  7. Of course you realize this means that to Serbians, Nic Cage just looks like a regular old dad in this picture.

  8. My Nicolas Cage-themed time machine worked! Everything will become Cage, one butterfly effect at a time. And speaking of Butterfly Effect, do you remember how that movie starred Nicolas Cage? You do now.

  9. “Did the royalties come in from that Serbian thing? No? Hmm… Okay, just tell I’m a go for ‘Drive Angry.’” – Nicolas Cage

  10. Is anyone else worried that this is actual a mashup of Raising Arizona and A Serbian Film? Also, why does A Serbian Film CONTINUE to ruin everything long after watching it? It’s the gift that keeps on giving (terrible things that I never wanted)

  11. It’s a biology textbook, which I guess means that Serbians think biology is “advanced fuckin”.

  12. I was in Peru once, walking through a sortof toy store, and I rounded the corner to find the most absurd knockoff version of the board game Clue. The cover of the box showed all of the characters sitting around a lounge area, and in the foreground was Professor Plum turning to smugly look at the camera. But Professor Plum was Harrison Ford.

    It was the most ridiculous looking thing. He was even wearing a purple suit.

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