For most of us, the weekend doesn’t start until tomorrow afternoon at 5PM when the closing whistle blows. For Jaleel White and Charlie Sheen the weekend started in 1994. Everbody’s WINNING for the weekend. Boom! Drops the blog, e-walks off iStage. (Via WarmingGlow.)

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  1. There’s just so many things wrong with this picture of them drinking champagne. In the top five, the fact that they’re not actually drinking champagne.

  2. Did I do that?

  3. T-Urkel Blood

  4. They’re just warming up for the Annoying Catchprhrase Championships.

  5. #winninganycheese?

  6. At least no one got hurt.

  7. I think I figured out what caused Charlie’s manic episode. He must have gotten a hold of every last drop of Steve Urkel’s ‘Boss Sauce’ and shot it directly into his eyeballs. ALL of it.

  8. What is in that sandwich?? #HamilyMatters

  9. Urkel and Jerkel.

  10. True story: right about the time this photo was taken (give or take a year,) I was in a college class (I believe it was “Music in Film”) with Mr. White, and we ended up in the same study group for an exam. I remember thinking he was a pretty unremarkable, if not boring young man. All I could think the whole time was ‘Ha, that dude was Urkel’, and I’m pretty sure that was happening in everyone’s head at the time.

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