The Paris Review has a nice little article for you to read about the history of the family who currently live in Downton Abbey house, and here is a quote from it: “We found a staircase recently. That was quite exciting.” #BATES!

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  1. And the award for most British statement of the week goes to “It’s too much of a bloody muddle”

  2. I suppose that would be exciting. Though you’d think they would have asked “how are we supposed to get to the second floor?” when they bought the place. They should ask for a refund from the guy that did their home inspection.

  3. I don’t understand British honorifics, but I’m 100% sure this whole series is a three-year-long set-up to a “Master Bates” joke.

  4. Bates will silence the Crowley gossip if it please m’lady.

  5. This reminds me. I once read an article about the real people who live in the big house featured in “The West Wing.” Turns out the actual resident is some sort of politician. While he’s obviously privileged, he actually seems like kind of a nice and regular guy even though some find him a bit annoying.

  6. Well who gets to use the staircase? Because I want to use it, mostly for eavesdropping.

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