Today is a big day for all of us. Jennifer Aniston, best known for her roles in The Break Up, Just Go With It, Marley & Me, and Horrible Bosses, has finally gotten her star on Hollywood’s “Walk of Fame.” It’s a day that we all knew would come eventually, while at the same time one that always felt too far away. Our little Jen, movie star, former lover of Brad Pitt, owner of a haircut, leading lady in Office Space, finally where she belongs. With her name in a star next to 2,400 famous peoples names in stars on the ground. It’s certainly doesn’t carry the respect of “handprints outside of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre,” or maybe it does, or maybe they are the same thing? Or maybe, if they’re not the same thing, she has the other thing already? Who can say! All we can say is that we’re proud, and we hope Angelina Joli is watching. Join me in congratulating Jennifer Aniston after the jump.

Congratulations, Jennifer Aniston. We love you, and we agree that being on a break doesn’t mean what he thought it meant. (via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. Afterwards, the red carpet around the star was lifted to reveal that, rather than being near other famous stars, it is all alone, and always will be.

  2. So confession time, I hated Rachel Green, Ross deserved way better

    • That dude was the worst father ever (sitcom protagonist division). He doesn’t deserve anything more than a kick in the balls.

    • Confession: everyone on that show was awful, but somehow they kept their individual awfulness in perfect balance so that I didn’t notice until years after the show was done.

  3. Could that star BE anymore on a sidewalk?

  4. Jennifer Aniston, best known for Leprechaun, got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Prostitution. Congrats!

  5. She didn’t get a star on the walk of fame, she was just picking up a condom.

  6. Friends montages never met a 90′s ballad they didn’t like.

  7. Why is she posing as though she’s putting her handprints in cement?

  8. “Where’s my star? Could I BE any more patient?” – David Schwimmer doing a Matthew Perry impression

  9. More like Jennifer Anistar, am I right?

  10. Remember when the writing staff of Friends was being sued for harrassment and it was revealed that one of the writers said that Courtney Cox’s vagina was full of dried up twigs? I remember that pretty much 24/7

  11. Is that why Gabe went to LA? It makes so much sense now!

  12. She may not have landed a husband, but this star really rounds out her flair collection.

    • In later interviews, when asked about her star on the walk of fame, Aniston politely smiles and says, “I don’t really like talking about my flare.”

  13. …and TWINS!

  14. Maddox totally tried to push her face in the cement but was somehow thwarted.

  15. Jennifer Aniston is a crazy dog lady. Hence, I like her.

    (It’s just simple math. Spinster + love for dogs = I will like that woman.)

  16. I want all of her haircuts.

  17. Finally, a ray of sunshine in the life of that poor, poor Jennifer Aniston!

  18. I think it’s about fucking time I get my fucking star on the fucking walk of fame. Excuse my language, Kelly’s mom Kate, but I think I deserve it 10 times more because quite frankly, I have better hair.

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