The New York Times has an on-line Q&A with children’s author Judy Blume about this weekend’s Oscars and it’s just a delight. Judy Blume! Dishing on George Clooney! Here she is talking about the only movie anyone ever seems to want to talk about, The Bridesmaids:

Q: As a writer who was so inspirational to so many young women, I’m very curious to get your take on “Bridesmaids.”

A: I did like “Bridesmaids,” and I love Kristen Wiig. I thought that our guy from “Mad Men,” Jon Hamm, I thought he was fabulous in this. Did I want it to be something different? It was what it was, it was funny, and I liked it. I didn’t need the food poisoning [scene], I didn’t need that at all. I’m easy, you have to understand – I’m not analytical and I hate analytical discussions about these things. I’m a spontaneous, “this is how it made me feel.”

Judy Blume! She writes such great kids books, but apparently she is also very good at being an adult. Who knew? Did we know? Why didn’t anyone tell me? What a hero. Read the rest of her interview here. SPOILER ALERT: she likes Ryan Gosling. Because she’s a HUMAN BEING.

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  1. Are you there God? It’s me, Gabe.

  2. “‘I enjoyed “War Horse.’” — classic Judy Blume fiction.

  3. Not only do I not find it a delight, but this is in The New York Times, which means it is sponsored slightly less than PBS by readers like me. I feel so dirty.

  4. But how does she feel about the cast of GLEE acting out Bridesmaids????!?

  5. this is the women who made me feel like a loser because i hadn’t gotten my period yet.

  6. “If Tree of Life doesn’t win I’m going to Superfudge.” – Judy Blume

  7. Blume pulls [a DVD] off the shelf. “Bridesmaids, by Wiig. Good stuff. That’s what I write,” she says, putting it back. “That’s what I write.”

  8. Does she like Ryan Gosling for his acting skills as an actor and an artist or does she like him for the same objectified and sexually demeaning reasons that a lot of people say they like this actor? Is it acceptable to treat people like sex meat and disregard their artistic accomplishments?

  9. But what are R.L. Stine’s opinions on the current state of horror movies?!?

  10. My grade 3 teacher read us the entirety of the Superfudge aloud, and while I recall the rest of my classmates being enamoured with the tale, I recall myself bored out of my grade 3 mind. Anyways, the moral is, I’ve never forgiven my grade 3 teacher for what I’m only realizing only now was an opportunity to not have to teach us anything, and I’ve also never forgiven Judy Blume for that terrible book.

    • True story: When we were kids, my mum used to take us to Children’s Books fairs all the time. One time Judy Blume was there (in Australia!) but for whatever reason I couldn’t be there – important kid stuff. She was my favourite, so my mum raced across town to pick me up and speed me back there.

      Unfortunately, I was too late. But Judy Blume left me a copy of Superfudge with the inscription ‘Dear [What What], I’m sorry I missed you and I hope you enjoy this, Judy’.

      It’s still at my parents’ place somewhere.

      This is at least the second time she’s been awarded ‘The Best’.

      • It’s a good example of how people can be very very nice in spite of their garbage creations. For example, I would imagine Margaret Atwood is a very nice person given what I’ve read about her, but it doesn’t mean she still doesn’t owe me reading a 400 page book of stupid nonsense I write for her as retribution for me reading Cat’s Eye in high school.

  11. Dammit, I had a really good “Beezus” pun and then I realized that was Beverly Cleary. Writing to the NYT to do a Q&A with Bev C. posthaste!

  12. But how does she feel about having been culturally replaced by Chelsea Handler??

  13. She’s also the best for being super cool about contemporary YA superstar John Green saying that she was on his “guilt free three”, and then went on to befriend him on twitter and give high praise for his new book almost immediately after it came out, meaning she bought and read it pretty much ASAP. So yeah, the best.

  14. She seems like a cool person. But I can’t endorse giving all the Oscar contenders an amicable nod and then being like, “The Tree of Life? Blech!”

  15. My very best story I have to tell is about meeting Judy Blume randomly last year — it’s a pretty unbelievable story, and I made her cry (in a good way), and if anyone I know in real life reads Videogum comments late at night I’ve totally just outed myself (hi guys!) because I have told this story to everyone I know at least a million times, and I will never stop until I die.

    Anyway, I agree, she’s great.

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