Here is a 15 minute supercut of a Star Trek character being continually told no and/or being made fun of. (Note to non-nerds: you do not need to be a nerd to enjoy this.)

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  1. Is like to see the version where Worf is proven right on a lot of these.

  2. I appreciate the gesture, Gabe, but I don’t need 15 minutes of this. No.

  3. I liked Worf better when he played the piano for the Muppets.

  4. This just reminds me that it’s been a while since I watched Trekkies.

  5. It just proves that everyone in the galaxy is a complete petaQ

  6. They should have just named the show “Star Trek: The Next Generation of Racists”.

  7. I only watched 5 minutes of this and *my* self-esteem was damaged. I’m sad-ish now.

  8. Wow, Warf really was the Screech of the group.

  9. Riker is a dick.

  10. I had no idea Star Trek had such a pathetic character. I feel bad for the guy at conventions dressed as Worf.

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