Uh oh! Did you forget about ChatAboutJesus? That’s OK. We all make mistakes. God forgives you. And this new ad reminds you.

mardigras69: does god ever forgive u???
bestfriendz: forgive u 4 whut u r so nice!

mardigras69: pretend u knew sumone who killed sumone with their car but then they got scard and trid 2 hide tha body by taking it back 3 their garage and dismembering tha bodE and throwing plastic bags filled with body parts & bricks in2 the man-made lake behind their housing complez.
bestfriendz: OK
mardigras69: r u imagining that?
bestfriendz: y
mardigras69: does god forgive u for that?
bestfriendz: sext Him u r sorry!!!!
mardigras69: whut if i’m not?
bestfriendz: LOL
mardigras69: no, not LOL
bestfriendz: LOL
mardigras69: LOL
bestfriendz: LOL
mardigras69: PRAIZE B 3 JESUS!
bestfriendz: chatchatchatchatchat!
mardigras69 has logged off
bestfriendz: LOL

(Video via ChristianNightmares.)

Comments (33)
  1. Shame #whatwetalkaboutwhenwetalkaboutjesus

  2. The chataboutjesus version of that Shaggy song It Wasn’t Me is weird

  3. fondue: Hey, are there any monsters out there who know how to forget about a mistake?

  4. As usual, had to watch this without sound. Please tell me there’s some hilarious music in the background!

  5. “Listen, Jesus. It wasn’t my fault. I was hanging out with that legalizeit420 guy. He’s a bad influence.” – mardigras69


  7. Don’t forget the “t”s in twitter are crosses!

  8. God keeps ignoring my friend requests, but I’m pretty sure it’s a fake profile anyway.

  9. “how do u get bad stuff off?”

    “idk. e-meter or something.”


  10. We Need to Talk about Jesus – Staring Kirk Cameron as Tilda Swinton

  11. Help, I need to talk to someone about my sins!
    -Abandon invisible magic.
    But, Jesus is real!
    -He’s as real as Pete’s Dragon you dummy.
    But what about my sins?
    -Shut up you’re an idiot.

  12. just think of ur mistake as like an eternal downvote ;) )

  13. Aren’t all mistakes definitely permanent? Or no, because time-travel? I don’t get this Jesus.

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