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  1. I see your ‘Ugh,’ and raise you an eye roll and a muttered “uff da”

  2. I’m conflicted about The Dictator because Jason Mantzoukas plays the right hand man and I love Jason Mantzoukas.

    • A Mantzoukas’s gotta’ eat!

      • On a podcast where Mantzoukas was a guest– I think it was on Who Charted?– He talked about them walking around a power plant or something supposed to be a power plant just riffing for an entire day. I’m not saying that will lead to a good scene or even smart comedy, but it did sound like Mantzoukas had a good time.

  3. Sacha Baron Cohen usually punks a handful of individuals — drunken frat boys in an RV who he gets to say racist stuff, for example; I am thinking that with The Dictator he is punking the whole country. Later there will be a movie called Cultural Learnings on Audience at Hit Movie, and it will be crowd reactions sneakily filmed during the most offensive parts, local news segments with film reviewers saying “It’s an all-American home run!,” plus video of producers who were not in on the joke talking about how proud they are to be associated with such great comedy, and so on.

    That’s the only explanation I can see for this thing.

  4. Well, I support this. Because here’s what’s going to happen. Hugo is going to win big, and it will become one of those things where the speeches get more and more redundant and casual, like, “Thanks again, I’m not sure what we can add after the last one.”

    So Scorsese will be up there, and he’ll say, “Oh, and Sacha wanted to say something.”

    SBC will step up to the mic and say…

  5. If people keep punching him in the face, eventually he’ll leave us all alone. I’m convinced that this is true. Shh, shh… don’t think about it too hard. Just punch him in the face.

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