Last night I was online looking for some cute animal videos, no doy, as usual, and talking to a friend who recently moved to LA. (This is already a VERY good story. GET READY!) He told me he had just met a girl whom he instantly fell in love with, so I asked, “But does she like Videogum?” Because I am super funny and not annoying even in real life, and he said “no” so I said, “DUMP HER.” Hahaha. Then he said, “I told her that I have a friend who looks at cat videos for a living, though,” which was upsetting because HOW RUDE, but also very embarrassing because at that moment I was watching a cat video and had been watching them for like 40 minutes. The End. Would you like to hear the story again? I was looking at animal videos for this post. Does that make you want to hear the story again? Guys? HELLO? Do you want to just look at some videos, then? They’re so good today! I can’t wait for you to see them! JUST LISTEN TO THE STORY ONE MORE TIME!

10. Camouflaged Chick

9. Self-Packing Cat

8. Cats Chase A Light

7. Cats Making Out

6. Cats Love Popsicles

5. Baby Cats Waking Up From A Nap

4. Parrot Feeds Noodles to Dog

3. Dog Rolls Down Hill

2. Snoring Duck

1. Cute Cat Would Like You To Pet It, Please?

OH MY GOD I WANT THAT CAT SO BAD! This is another situation where I barely want to talk about any of the other videos because I just want everyone to focus on how great that #1 video is. Holy moly. So wonderful. Ugh. CAT! YOU STUPID CAT I WANT YOU SO BAD! The duck snoring is adorable, obviously. When I found that video I was with a friend and we watched it together and our faces and bodies and hearts instantly melted and we died. That’s how cute the noise is that that little duck is making. The dog rolling down the hill makes me super excited for spring, and the bird feeding the dog makes me super excited for when animals rule the world. Let’s not even get into the kittens waking up from a nap.

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  1. Can we make a new rule that animal videos cannot be over 30 seconds? I only have so much time to stare at my computer before my boss notices I’m not/fake typing.

  2. Eli Lilly is going to be so pissed when they find out that duck snores are as effective as Prozac in double-blind tests.

  3. “Savor it quickly!” is my new life motto.

  4. Parrot Feeds Noodles to Dog was robbed. Cooperation is so cute!

  5. i don’t even like cats but that #1 cat is my favourite.

  6. I call FAKE on #6. There are no life forms on earth that “enjoy” Honeydew. “Tolerate” is as high as it can go.

  7. I’m sorry but what self-respecting owner of three cats has a LEATHER COUCH?!

  8. Wait wait wait wait. Hold the phone. Are the cats in 6 and the cats in 8 THE SAME CATS?!? Can those cats get some kind of honorary mention? HAS THIS EVER HAPPENED BEFORE??

  9. I have to have that cat at vid #1. Love his ears!

  10. I wanna take the soundtrack from ‘Cats love popsicles’ and put it over ‘cats making out’!

    Also #1 is so cute and POLITE!

  11. My cat does that! But it’s to my face. And if you don’t pat him within 2 “pats”, then he does it with his claws.

    My cat is a dick guys.

  12. After watching “Cats Making Out” and seeing the capper “More videos at Pet Tube”, I suddenly felt really dirty, like the pet version of Chris Hansen was lurking outside my door.

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