• Here is a picture of Jon Hamm and Adam Scott. Jon Hamm has a mustache, Adam Scott has curly hair. It is I guess from the set of Comedy Bang Bang. Everybody loves these guys! -PopCultureBrain
  • Community is returning to NBC on March 15! When my friend told me this he added, “file that under who gives a shit.” Hahahahah. Whoa! Fair enough, friend. -CinemaBlend
  • Oh, just in time for the first episode of our Videogum TV Club, here are some Downton Abbey-inspired design news items from New York Fashion Week! Finally, we can all look like old-timey jerks who I hate so much! -TheHollywoodReporter
  • Jonathan Ames, creator of RIP Bored To Death, gave a pretty good speech when presenting at the Writers’ Guild Awards last night. He was drunk! Watch it! (Some of it.) (It’s long!) -Vulture
  • Conan O’Brien had a cameo on How I Met Your Mother last night. See it here, if you want to! Conan! -BuzzFeed
  • Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis are going to be presenting awards at the Oscars this weekend! That’s pretty good! I’m sure that’ll be pretty good, right? We like those guys. -Variety
  • Rainn Wilson made a stupid joke about date rape and now lots of people are upset with him. How do you feel about this joke? Are you upset with him? Helloooo? -ONTD
  • So is Anderson Cooper’s new show JUST about weird food stuff? What is going on over there? On this episode, Courtney Cox talks about how she loves ranch dressing and then Anderson gives her a whole bowl of it or something. Who knows. Weirdos. -Dlisted
  • Here is a Chinese street vendor making a dragon lollipop and I WANT IT SO BAD. I’m not even sure if I’m going to like it, I just need to have it. It’s so nice! He’s so good at making it! -TheDailyWhat
  • Read this John Mulaney thing, it honestly does not matter what kind of thing it is. -MensHealth
  • This old lady doesn’t care about The Artist, and probably neither do I! I’m probably never going to see that movie! Unless someone gives me a DVD of it and puts the TV on the right input and plays it for me! I don’t even care! -FilmDrunk
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  1. I thought I saw Conan at MacLaren’s but since he didn’t shop up after that I figured it must have just been a freakishly tall lookalike. But no, it was just his freakishly tall self.

  2. The writing in that Hollywood Reporter piece was really weird if not terrible. Maybe just weird.

    And (spoiler alert!!) I really liked some of those dresses in the Downton Abbey episode I saw on Sunday.

  3. Conan is the mother

  4. Also, did you know the guy who played Inspector Spacetime is making an Inspector Spacetime web series? It’s not backed by NBC or Dan Harmon, but it is a thing that will exist: http://io9.com/5886382/theres-going-to-be-an-inspector-spacetime-web-series

  5. But Parks and Rec is leaving for a month to make room for Community. So I can’t celebrate too much.

  6. Oh man, I just got much more excited for the CBB IFC show. And I was already VERY excited.

  7. Oh, and Kelly needs new friends.

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